Saturday, October 11, 2014

Preview: Document Experts Release Purportedly New Evidence Confirming Obama Forgery

Preview: Document Experts Release Purportedly New 
Evidence Confirming Obama Birth Certificate Forgery

Document expert Paul Irey sent out the following email about further analysis into Obama's birth certificate...

     You know I hate liars and I hate to hold back evidence as others have done.  I am sending you this important evidence that Doug Vogt and I determined yesterday to be a fact. 
     Obama's birth certificate shows us a security paper background that is too small compared to other Hawaiian certificates of the era. 
     Not wanting to hold back for even one day ... evidence that should concern us all ... I am giving you all a preview of what will soon be completed and testified to in a court of law in Brooklyn, NY next month when I will fly back into the U.S. for just that purpose and then return. 
     Tomorrow I fly out of this country where a fake president presides ... to one where the president was fairly elected. 
     Media control is responsible for all of this and removing Obama will not solve that. 
Paul Irey

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