Saturday, October 25, 2014

Michael Savage
“Ebola is Obama’s Katrina,” Savage told his listeners this week.
Not only is the president mishandling the crisis, said Savage, he’s compounding it by “preparing a secret surge of millions of immigrants” from Central America, Liberia and Haiti, where “tuberculosis is endemic” (Free audio).
Savage also watched the media coverage of the terror attack at Canada’s Parliament Buildings with a growing sense of disgust.
“This is how a country dies,” he observed. “This is how a civilization dies.
“It’s a result of the vermin on the left who have debased and deballed the West for the last 40 years. We all know exactly what’s really happening,” Savage said. “But if you speak the truth, you’re a racist” (Free audio).

Rush Limbaugh
Limbaugh theorized that terrorists like the Muslim murderer in Ottawa are driven to attack their own nations after years of self-loathing socialist propaganda.
“If you are subjected enough and regularly to an onslaught of how rotten the United States is,” Limbaugh said, “how guilty the United States is, if you are subjected to a daily tirade of all the injustices and all the unfairness and all the discrimination and all the inequality and all of the inequity, at some point you’re going to snap if you’re not well adjusted to begin with. And who knows then what could become attractive to you as you seek to put action to your thoughts, become a hero or what have you?” (Free audio).
Limbaugh also commented on the growing phenomenon of female teachers seducing their students.
“It’s amazing the number of female teachers,” Limbaugh said. “That’s not supposed to happen, right? That isn’t supposed to be able to happen. This is supposed to be the other way around. It’s certainly not the template. It’s a mystery how this happens.”
He added, “It never ever happened when I was in school, damn it.”

Aaron Klein
Ebola isn’t the only disease Americans need to worry about, says investigative broadcaster Aaron Klein. He revealed that Dengue fever, chikungunya and other exotic infectious diseases should also be considered looming threats.
Klein looked in the global alert issued by the World Health Organization after an outbreak of the polio-like Enterovirus D68, which has already killed 5 children in America.
He also investigated reports that illegal aliens from Central America brought with them a newly discovered and aggressive mosquito that’s a known transmitter of deadly viruses.
Israelis are moving to Berlin, of all places, claiming that the cost of living in Israel is too high. Israel’s Agriculture and Rural Planning minister spoke to Klein about this fascinating story (Free audio).

Mark Levin
“The Democrat Party is a disaster,” Levin declared this week.
“Every one of these incumbent Democrats who are now pretending they don’t support Obama supported him over 90, 95 percent,” he pointed out. “They supported Obamacare, they supported amnesty, they supported this massive deficit spending and this debt. And all this is coming home now, and it is a disaster. The country’s gone to hell under this president, under the Democrat Party. Everybody knows it” (Free audio).
A self-described “leftist” called in to Levin’s show, and he had a hard time defending his beliefs under interrogation by the host. It makes for entertaining listening (Free audio).

Laura Ingraham
Obama can’t admit it, said Ingraham, but his presidency is “finished.”
However, she added, this doesn’t mean the Republicans should expect to coast to victory in the midterms.
The GOP has “to stand for something,” she cautioned. To “grow the Republican party,” candidates have to be able to convincingly articulate “what does work when it comes to our economic policies, our foreign policies, border policies” (Free audio).
Ingraham backed New Hampshire candidate Scott Brown as one of those candidates, praising his populist message on immigration (Free audio).

Glenn Beck
While pausing to make fun of his guest’s accent, Glenn Beck praised author Mark Steyn as one of the few individuals “courageous” enough to “fight against radicalized Islam,” at great personal cost.
On the show to promote his new book, “The (Un)documented Mark Steyn,” the author talked about everything from the terror attack in Ottawa to J.R.R. Tolkien’s handwritten reply to a letter he’d written to him as a boy.
“Mark, I don’t know why you’re not on more,” Beck said at the end of the interview. “I thoroughly enjoy you. You’re really truly one of the bravest men alive today because you will not shut up or sit down. I hope that continues” (Free audio).

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