Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ponder the damage the President and his enablers have done when in the voting booth. Americans have the future in their hands.

When a Western Republic elects, twice, a mixed-race, affirmative action educated, raised by communists and born of a muslim father, community organiser with a hidden past including living and attending a madrassa in Indonesia whose middle name is Hussein and who admits to "my muslim faith" on national TV, does little except party, vacation and play golf while promising to "fundamentally transform" the Republic and constantly lies about everything, why would that nation wonder why what is happening is happening?

2012 was the nation's last opportunity to reverse what may likely prove to be a deadly mistake. The nation failed to do so.

Obama's Loose Lips  
Ed Lasky  
Ever since he became President Barack Obama has worked to weaken America’s posture toward our adversaries. More

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