Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My fellow Americans, my dear friends, all along, since he first took the office of the president, Barack Obama and his administration have left behind quite an all-embracing trail of impeachable offenses, none of which have ever been brought to justice - the greatest travesty, ever in the political history of this nation. Have we not had enough of the scandals? Of the deceit? Of the transformation? Have we not had enough of this impostor? Have we not had enough? Have we not had enough of the corruption now abounding in our nation? As if we have, the time has come to remove this man from the post he has pusillanimously used to betray us all in just about every conceivable way possible. In the six years undeservedly leading our great nation as president, Barack Obama, has managed to send America into a massive havoc and unending despair; into a downward spiral of decadency both here and abroad. America today stands as all but a browbeaten version of the once mighty nation we once were in our not-too-distant past. For God’s sake as well as for the sake of our nation, let us all unite to complete the mission at hand. Barack Obama’s impeachment is not just an option, it is an impending obligation on all of us; the only one, I may add, still capable of saving this great land of ours—a land now treacherously threatened by radicals, enemies set firmly on destroying us. Radical enemies which we now can unearth both outside as well as within our borders. The time has come, my fellow citizens, to rid our government of this outbreak of un-Americanism which continues to erode into sacred values willed to us by the Founding Fathers of the country. The time has come, Americans. The time is now. May God save us and may God save America - the last bastion of hope for all free people of the world !

The Obama Scandals
 By Obie Usategui Full Story
I first set foot on this great land we call the United States of America, back one October day in 1960. The minute I stepped down the ladder of my airline carrier, I marveled at what I saw - a sight to behold. There it was, the U.S., a bastion of hope for many like me fleeing from communism - the most dreaded political regime known to mankind.

Climate Change Insanity

 By Alan Caruba Full Story
I went out for a walk today and enjoyed seeing how the autumn leaves are changing color because autumn, simply stated, is one of the four seasons that affects the Earth. It is part of the change that occurs as it has for billions of years.

Ebola: Intrusive Requirements for Everyone?
 By Dr. Don Boys Full Story
Ebola: Intrusive Requirements for Everyone?
If the Ebola virus disease (EVD) explodes across America we can expect many oppressive but necessary laws to be passed. There will be limitations on personal liberty, but hopefully lawmakers will think these issues through, debate them, and implement only those most necessary.

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