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Will Obama be Deported as Illegal Alien? Lawsuit Brewing, Based on Police Finding of Forged Documents AUN-TV

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Will Obama be Deported as Illegal Alien? Lawsuit 
Brewing, Based on Police Finding of Forged Documents

This sounds shocking and sensational, but this is a possibility if the rule of law prevails.  AUN-TV has found out from sources familiar with a brewing lawsuit, that a well known legal figure is seeking the deportation of Obama.

Due to news censorship most Americans are completely unaware that a major law enforcement agency determined after a 2,200 hour investigation that both Obama’s birth certificate and draft card were “poor amateur forgeries.”

In fact almost all Americans are unaware that the draft card that Obama supplied as proof he did register for the draft, as required by law, is even an issue.   On March 1, 2012 the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department gave a press conference in which it was revealed, after 2,200 hours of investigation, that both Obama’s draft card and his birth certificate were poor amateur forgeries.

AUN-TV is providing the link so you can read the complete press release here:

The same day a press conference was held for over an hour by Sheriff Arpaio and Lead Investigator Mike Zullo, with about 100 reporters in attendance.  How was this sensational press conference handled by the news media?  It was not handled.  It was censored.   There was a news black out.

The evidence was so clear cut it appears that vast majority of news companies felt it was impossible to reveal the evidence to the public, without the majority of the public believing that Obama had committed a felony, by supplying a forged birth certificate and draft card.

So the only way to handle the story, from what they see as their real job, was to censor it.  An example of how easy it is to prove forgery in this case is that the headline photo in this article shows the post office stamp on five real draft cards from Hawaii in 1980, the same year Obama claims his draft card was issued.  Below that is an enlargement of the Obama supplied, forged draft card, that has just a malformed “80” and no “19”.   The post office stamp is how draft cards are officially authenticated.

All post office stamps use four digits, not two.   Not only that, the police investigation determined that Obama’s “80” was a 2008 stamp that had been cut in half with a razor blade, and then turned upside down. The “8” has a bottom slightly different than the top, and was misplaced too, on Obama’s card.

The next photo shows how Obama’s draft card was forged.

It is because of the evidence revealed by this official police investigation and other evidence that has come forth, that a well known lawyer is planning to file a lawsuit to have him deported.    If anyone else supplied a birth certificate and draft card similar to Obama’s, he would be arrested for forgery and deported. 


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