Friday, April 30, 2010

Call by Joseph L. Saebi

Dear Patriots;

I’ve been researching the eligibility issue for 18 months now and there’s no other conclusion to be reached except Obama is not a natural born citizen and therefore is a usurper. Gino DiSimone is a true patriot; dedicated to fighting this abomination by removing Obama as Commander-In-Chief of Nevada, if he fails to produce proof within 5 days of Gino’s election to Governor of Nevada.

So I’ve decided to go to Nevada (from Denver) and to do everything I can to help Gino win. I met him on my internet radio show; Obama Exposed 2010 (monday nites) on, about 5 weeks ago. He’s a real person, with real American values, and willing to fight for the Constitution with every erg endowed him.

HELP US WIN THIS CAMPAIGN; America can be saved by the sacrifice of the few true blue. Please, go to and if you can help out….if you can’t spare a few bucks, I can relate; but can you help us by finding out about Gino and helping this campaign go viral? has gotten behind Gino, and he can now be heard every Tuesday night at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern. Go GIN GIN!

God Bless You!
Joe Saebi
Host, Obama Exposed 2010,

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