Monday, April 26, 2010

Brace For Protests

MAY DAY or May 1st is a traditional Communist day of celebration. Will anyone be surprised if besides LULAC, La Raza, and the ACLU, if the NAACP, Communist Party USA, Democrat Socialists of America, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Acorn SEIU and the anarchists all show up as a sign of solidarity with the La Amnestas Saturday.

Expect mui Che Guevera berets, and Viva Communista Obama stomach tats, from this lovely slice of humanity. Al Sharpton says he'll be there with his freedom walkers. I heard it's a new Nike product. Shoes without laces just little broken chains instead, and they squeak "Racist" with every step, available only in black of course. Ask for the "Sharptons".

I am feeling pity for the Phoenix PD, these are the souls who will be dealing with this mob.

A few years ago there was the Cinco ds Mayo protests across the country, Americanos were so outraged by a foreign protest on our own soil, the next year the Amenstas tried the "Day Without A Mexican" which was very nice. Hardly missed'em All that gang violence and stuff, was kinda quiet for a while, I even had time to cut my own grass, instead of wondering who was bringing some in across the Rio.


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