Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's not HOLDER that makes these decisions...It's the USURPER who pulls his strings...

Holder Says Fed Gov Will Challenge Az Law

From Blogsphere:

How can Holder change a state's sovereign Constitutional right to uphold their Constitution? Why did the Forefather's of this nation make it so that the state could govern themselves if they had to?

Fox Reporting Now That Holder Says Fed Gov Will Challenge Az Law.

I find it incredibly funny that the feds are outraged at the "New" Arizona immigration law considering that it is an EXACT COPY OF THE EXISTING FEDERAL IMMIGRATION LAW !! Forget what the talking heads are saying and the rhetoric from the democrats and actually read the law itself. It is identical to the federal law.

Arizona begged the feds to send agents to enforce the federal law because state and local officers are not allowed to enforce the federal statutes. All AZ did was simply copy the federal law to the state level so that they could enforce it themselves because the feds were too sorry to do their job.

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