Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gulf Spill Hissy Fit

Fox's Bill Hemmer is characterizing the Gulf rig accident which is spewing oil into the ocean at a rate " that is going to make the Exxon Valdez disaster look like kids play."

Can we review some basic information? The Valdez was a supertanker. Supertankers carry 1,000,000 BARRELS of crude oil with ease.

The leaking well head flow rate was originally estimated at 1000 barrels per day. Now we've been told it could be 5 times that rate. Big deal 5000 barrels, for a few days. Much of this oil will be recovered in skimming or burn operations.

To equal Valdez the uncapped Gulf well would have to remain broken for 200 days, not a week or even two. Oh the horror. If a typical cargo ship sinks, it potentially carries up to 6000 barrels of fuel oil in it's bunker. There are about 80,000 ships that sail the ocean worldwide, shall we stop oceanic traffic for fear 5 or 10 of these ships may sink every few years?

Will the hysterical tree huggers please reach between their legs and get a grip? The rest of us like having warm houses in the winter.


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