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U.S. Army says it will inquire into truth of the charges filed against Lt. Col. Terry Lakin...

As reported here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Army Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin said he is willing to risk a court-martial in order to determine whether or not Resident Obama is eligible to serve as POTUS and Commander in Chief. Lt. Col. Lakin is the lead flight surgeon charged with caring for Army Chief of Staff General George W. Casey’s flight crew.

On 4/22/10 the Army formally charged Lt. Col. Terry Lakin with two charges equivalent to felonies.

Snippets via World Net Daily; - Army to 'inquire' into charges against Lakin - Will seek 'disposition … in the interest of justice and discipline' -

The U.S. Army says it will "inquire" into the "truth" of the charges filed against Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, who has refused to follow orders until Barack Obama documents his eligibility to occupy the Oval Office, and ultimately will "determine what disposition should be made of the case in the interest of justice and discipline."...

...The counts, posted on the SafeguardOurConstitution website(below), which is generating support for the officer, allege violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice Articles 87 and 92.

Lakin publicly asked the president to document his eligibility and expressed a willingness to deploy with the 32nd Cavalry Regiment to Afghanistan. But he received no response from the White House.

The filing of charges, however, may be part of the still-unrevealed strategy Lakin and his legal counselors are pursuing.

Formally, Lakin is accused of "through design" missing "the movement of US Airways Flight Number 1123, departing from Baltimore/Washington International Airport arriving in Charlotte, North Carolina, in order to deploy for a Temporary Change of Station in support of Operation Enduring Freedom with the 32nd Calvary (sic) Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Kentucky, with which he was required in the course of duty to move."

The second charge accuses Lakin of failing to report "to the office of his Brigade Commander, Colonel Gordon R. Roberts, at 1345 hours, or words to that effect, an order which it was his duty to obey."

The SafeguardOurConstitution website explained the first charge, "missing movement," is a serious crime in the nature of a felony. The second is "disobeying a direct order" and includes four specifications.

"Any soldier convicted on all charges and specifications would expect to be sentenced to years at 'hard labor' in the penitentiary," the site said.

Today, Army spokesman Chuck Dasey told WND via e-mail that the charges were "preferred" by the Medical Center Brigade Headquarters company commander.

The charges then were forwarded to the acting Medical Center Brigade commander, who directed the appointment of an Article 32 pretrial investigation "to inquire into the truth of the matters set forth in the charges and to secure information to determine what disposition should be made of the case in the interest of justice and discipline," Dasey wrote.

He said the investigation will be scheduled when the investigating officer gets the orders.

Attorney Paul Jensen, who is representing Lakin, earlier in the week gave hints during an interview on the G. Gordon Liddy radio program about what he expects.

"In the (Uniform Code of Military Justice), just as you would expect, criminal defendants have the process of the court, for subpoenas and depositions under the rules that are prescribed," Jensen said.

Lakin posted a YouTube video inviting his own court-martial because he believes military orders under an ineligible president are illegal. He then posted a letter telling Obama it's up to him to provide the proof.

"I'm not going to say what we are going to do other than we are going to do what you would want us to do," Jensen said on the Liddy program.

The attorney avoided broadcasting any specific defense strategy for the case. But he expressed confidence there will be an aggressive discovery phase in preparation for a defense of the charges.

"Every criminal defendant has to be allowed the benefit of doubt to discover information relevant or which may even lead to the discovery of relevant information that could support his case," he said.

"It would be shocking to me that a defendant ... would not be permitted to discover information that would lend itself to proving his [case]," he said.

The discovery issue previously was raised in court by attorney John Hemenway, who was threatened by a federal judge with sanctions for bringing a court challenge to Obama's presidency.

Hemenway is serving in emeritus status with the Safeguard Our Constitution website... Source.

The public can support Lakin through prayers and through a legal-defense fund, Here.

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin Charge Sheet

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