Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin on Steve Malzberg


Steve Malzberg interviews Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin and his attorney. Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin is refusing to be deployed to Afghanistan until Barack Obama shows his birth certificate. LTC Terry Lakin is now facing a court-martial. Support him at

Rush Limbaugh Suggests AZ Police Would Deport Obama


imageRush Limbaugh has gotten to the bottom of Obama’s opposition to the Arizona illegal immigration bill! No, it’s not because he has concerns about civil rights violations, and no, it’s not because wants to assert the authority of the federal government. He just doesn’t want to have to prove his citizenship!

Arguing that the use of the term “papers” rather than “identification” to discuss what police officers in Arizona are allowed to request from citizens is a direct association with Nazi Germany, Limbaugh tried to be sympathetic to President Barack Obama’s opposition to racial profiling only to make an unexpected birther claim, possibly suggesting the president himself is an illegal alien. “I can understand Obama being touchy on the subject of producing your papers,” he said, “maybe he’s afraid someone is going to ask him for his!”

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