Monday, April 26, 2010

Time To Start Visiting Some Consulates

Most of our major cities host delegations from various foreign countries These Consulate offices can act as ancillary offices of their US Ambassador .

If you were so inclined, and motivated as a concerned American citizen, you could visit with a delegate or Consular General perhaps to request his nation's assistance to determine the authenticity of Obama's credentials.

Any nation should want to know for certain, the leadership signing a document is legitimate. As I mention in the COLB article below, any nation's Ambassador can go directly to the Supreme Court for a hearing. No" lack of standing" BS, no "not my jurisdiction" no motions for delay.

Straight up justice. They need to know, we need to know, pure and simple.

Our elected officials, courts and military leadership have let us down, if the nations of the world want to get in on the screw job so be it. But they will be screwing themselves over as well.

If you have a consulate consider making a copy of Obama's fake COLB and our fake COLB and
pay a consulate of your choice a visit. You may want to skip Cuba's , Venezuela's or Saudi Arabia's. Pick an ally nation, a loyal friend nation. Some of you ladies can do anything with your smiles and the truth..


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