Friday, April 30, 2010

San Francisco Mayor-Boycott Arizona


I just heard S.F. Mayor Gavin Newsom, and several other California political groups,including city and state offices are calling for a boycott and visit ban against Arizona.

Two can play this game.

Nationally Boycott all things California. That state is so underwater, they would be hurt big time by a reverse boycott.

Start by NOT going to the movies. Rachet it up from there.

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  1. Sign me up! I'm boycotting all things CA! I live in FL, so I don't need no stinkin' oranges from CA! Ha

  2. I posted this late Oct or early November 2009. There was no response from anyone. We live in the United States of Apathy. I'm not holding my breath now.

    Captain Boycott is remembered for not what he did or wore or said. He is recalled for what was done to him because of his behavior to others. In 1878 the lower classes in Ireland began a series of acts of violence against landlords, especially Protestant landlords. The reasons were connected with unfairly high rents and misuse of economic power to force people to do what their landlords wanted them to do. The worst incidents resulted in the murders of landlords (Lord Leitrim in 1878, Lord Mountmorres in 1880) and Mr. Walter Bourke (an agent for a landlord) in 1882. Boycott was a rather heavy handed landowner, who threw out tenants who did not do what he wanted (including voting for Tory candidates). He became targeted for punishment, but what happened turned out to be more effective and less bloody than what happened to Leitrim, Mountmorres, and Bourke.

    On the advice of cooler heads than armed terrorists, such as political leader Charles Stewart Parnell, it was advised to socially and emotionally ostracize Boycott. Instead of threatening his possession of his estate (which would allow him to call in British troops) the locals would not sell him needed food or supplies, nor do work on his estate, nor even talk to him and his staff. This ostracism (now called "boycotting") proved very effective - it led to Boycott, after nearly half a year's struggle, to give up his estate and leave Ireland forever.

    Are you happy with the lies and deceit of Hawaii about Obama?

    Are you happy with the idiots in Nevada who support Harry Reid and the SEIU?

    Are you happy with the uneducated entitlement rabble in all the blue states?

    Are you happy with "Caleefornia" and the moronic state assembly, and the duplicitous "Republican" governor?

    Are you happy with Lois Capps, the 23rd California district representative whose amendment to HR 3200 will fund abortions with taxpayer money? Santa Barbara is her headquarters. This woman has done nothing in her eight years in office other than name post offices for politicians and bureaucrats until this infamous bill. She is now accruing serious seniority and is establishing herself within the party to be even more involved in your lives. She avoided her constituents protests against the proposed healthcare bill until she couldn't avoid them - and then rigged the meetings so that she didn't allow the citizens to speak.

    Are you happy with the San Francisco support of Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein?

    Boycott CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC.

    Boycott General Electric and all of their companies.

    Boycott California. Especially Santa Barbara and San Francisco.

    Boycott all of the above. Have nothing to do with any of them. No vacations and no trade.

    If you are innovative - send us your list of places, things and people to boycott. Spread the word. Every little bit helps.


  3. I don't thinks Arizona has to worry. From all the buzz on the internet tonight, there are MORE calls to BOYCOTT California. There are people form all over the states that are confirming that California will be the target, I have seen everything from boycotting produce wines, travel and any food product made in California.

    Their boycott won't last long. they have the other 49 states supporting them.
    It's being called BUYcottArizona.


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