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Barack Obama for President – of Kenya!

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By Paul R. Hollrah, Guest Blogger
Barack Hussein Obama will be 51 years, five months, and 16 days old when he completes his Frank Abagnale impersonation on Jan. 20, 2013.  That will be the day when he walks out of the White House for the last time, having played the role of president of the United States for four years, and having brought the greatest, freest, most-prosperous nation on Earth to the very brink of disaster.
So what will we do with such a man… a man who promised a bedazzled electorate in 2008 that his goal was to totally transform the United States of America, a constitutional republic, into a European-style socialist state? Will he be arrested for his crimes and sentenced to spend the rest of his days behind bars?  Or will the members of his party insulate him, insisting that his sham presidency was just their way of having a little fun with us…“water under the bridge”?
I suggest that Barack Obama may have his long-term future already planned… assuming that he will be allowed to leave the country in 2013, a free man. As a man whose boundless narcissism has led him to “sweet-talk” his way into the presidency of the United States… the least qualified man ever to have his finger on the nuclear button… would it be too much of a stretch to imagine him returning to his beloved Kenya, the land of his fathers, to serve as president of that country?
If that sounds a bit farfetched, consider this:  With little notice by the U.S. media, the people of Kenya have paved the way for Obama to do just that.  Dr. Jerome Corsi, in his newly released bestseller,  “Where’s the Birth Certificate?  The Case that Barack Obama is Not Eligible to Be President,” cites evidence developed by three Republican congressmen showing that the Obama administration has spent some $23 million in USAID funds in Kenya, much of it urging a “yes” vote in support of a new constitution.  The new constitution was adopted by national referendum on Wednesday, August 4, 2010… coincidentally, Obama’s 49th birthday.  Consider these facts:
Obama tells us that he was born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961, to an American mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and to Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., of Kenya, a British colony.  Part 2, Section 5(1) of the British Nationality Act of 1948, the controlling legal authority on who is British and who is not, reads, in part, as follows:
“Subject to the provisions of this section, a person born after the commencement of this Act shall be a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by descent if his father is a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies at the time of the birth…”
Obama’s father, a Luo tribesman from Kenyan, was a British subject at the time of his birth.  Therefore, under British law, it is an indisputable fact that Obama was born with dual US-British citizenship “by descent” from his Kenyan father and his American mother.  However, following Kenya’s independence from Great Britain on Dec. 12, 1963, Kenya’s newly-adopted constitution went into effect.  Chapter VI, Section 87[3] of the 1963 constitution provides as follows:
“(1)  Every person who, having been born in Kenya, is on 11th December, 1963 a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies (Barack Obama, Sr,)… shall become a citizen of Kenya on 12th December 1963…
“(2)  Every person who, having been born outside Kenya, is on 11th December, 1963 a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies (Barack Obama, Jr.)… shall, if his father becomes, or would but for his death have become a citizen of Kenya by virtue of subsection (1), become a citizen of Kenya on 12th December, 1963.”
In other words, on Dec. 12, 1963, through automatic operation of Kenyan law, Obama became a citizen of Kenya, giving him, at least temporarily, dual U.S.-Kenyan citizenship.  Obama did not actively seek British or Kenyan citizenship; they were his by “automatic operation” of British and Kenyan law and “by descent” from his Kenyan father.
However, at the time of their independence in 1963, Kenyans were not too keen on the idea of adults holding dual nationality.  Chapter VI, Section 97[1] of the 1963 constitution provided that:
“A person who, upon the attainment of the age of twenty-one years, is a citizen of Kenya and also a citizen of some country other than Kenya (Barack Obama, Jr.) shall, subject to subsection (7), cease to be a citizen of Kenya upon the specified date unless he has renounced his citizenship of that other country, taken the oath of allegiance and, in the case of a person who was born outside Kenya, made and registered such declaration of his intentions concerning residence as may be prescribed by or under an Act of Parliament.”
Subsection 7, referenced above, gave the Kenyan parliament the authority to allow a two year grace period during which time dual citizens could make their choice of nationality.  And since there is no known evidence that Obama ever took steps to renounce his American citizenship or his Indonesian citizenship… assuming he was granted Indonesian citizenship when adopted by his Indonesian stepfather in 1967… he automatically lost his Kenyan citizenship under the above Section 97 provision on Aug. 4, 1984, his 23rd birthday.  From that day forward, until August 2010, Obama has held either U.S. or Indonesian citizenship, exclusively.
However, the newly adopted 2010 Kenyan constitution brought Obama back into the fold by creating a category of Kenyan citizenship called a “citizen by birth.”  Chapter 3, Section 14 of the 2010 constitution provides as follows:
“(1) A person is a citizen by birth if on the day of the person’s birth, whether or not the person is born in Kenya, either the mother or father of the person is a citizen (of Kenya)”; and
“(5) A person who is a Kenyan citizen by birth and who, on the effective date, has ceased to be a Kenyan citizen because the person acquired citizenship of another country, is entitled on application to regain Kenyan citizenship.”
In other words, Chapter 3, Section 14, Subsections 1 and 5, invest Obama with status as a Kenyan “citizen by birth” and allow him to apply for reinstatement as a citizen of Kenya. The 2010 constitution also reverses the Kenyan policy on dual citizenship in Obama’s favor.  Chapter 3, Section 16 of the new constitution provides that, “A citizen by birth does not lose citizenship by acquiring the citizenship of another country.”
What this tells us is quite disturbing.  It tells us that, since Aug. 4, 2010, Barack Obama has been a citizen of Kenya “by birth,” a dual citizen of the United States and Kenya. Under current policy of the U.S. government, even though he serves as President of the United States, he is obliged to obey the laws of both countries.  It is precisely the reason why the Founding Fathers insisted that only “natural born” citizens should ever serve as president or vice president.  Having been born with dual US-British citizenship, Barack Obama does not qualify as “natural born.”
Chapter 9, Section 137 of the 2010 Kenyan constitution, regarding qualifications for President, provides that:
“(1) A person qualifies for nomination as a presidential candidate if the person… is a citizen by birth”
However, in order to prevent a person with divided loyalties from ever becoming President of Kenya, Chapter 9, Section 137 also provides that:
“(2) A person is not qualified for nomination as a presidential candidate if the person… owes allegiance to a foreign state;”  In short, Chapter 9, Section 137 informs us that, upon completion of his four years in the White House, Obama will be eligible  to serve two five-year terms as President of Kenya… so long as he first renounces his U.S. citizenship.
To suggest that Obama may wish to avail himself of this opportunity, when he is finished with the deconstruction of the American political and economic system, is not so farfetched because seeking the Kenyan presidency will solve two or three very major problems he will have.
First, he will not be forced to endure the massive come-down that all presidents experience when they yield the reins of power to their successors. Obama’s unbridled narcissism will demand that he find another international spotlight, with all adoring eyes focused on him.
Secondly, once Obama has left the White House the mainstream media will no longer feel obliged to protect him from scrutiny by those who are convinced that he was not eligible, at any time, to serve as President of the United States. Investigative journalists, seeking Pulitzers and Woodward-and-Bernstein-style notoriety, can be expected to dig deeply into his personal history, finally exposing the charlatan that he is.  By renouncing his American citizenship and immersing himself in the public life of Kenya and sub-Saharan Africa, he can put himself beyond the reach of American law enforcement.
And finally, renouncing American citizenship and acquiring Kenyan citizenship will give the Obamas something that Michelle has always longed for… a country she can be truly proud of.
As for Obama himself, he will have yet another distinction in addition to receiving the Nobel Peace Prize… after having done absolutely nothing in the interest of world peace.  He will serve as president in a country where they’ve erected a statue of him before… not after… he served as president of the country.  He will finally have achieved something truly remarkable.
Barack Hussein Obama, President of Kenya? Who knows?  When a man of his limited ability can work his way into the U.S. presidency, we should not be surprised at anything he might do.

Paul R. Hollrah

Hollrah is a senior fellow at the Lincoln Heritage Institute and a contributing editor for Family Security Matters and a number of online publications.  He resides in northeast Oklahoma.
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