Monday, May 30, 2011

Financial Hocus Pocus

May 30th, 2011
By Aaron Cantor (USAF ret)
I read an article by John Stossel, a business and financial reporter whom I respect a lot, who posed the question: Since America is on the road to bankruptcy, and we have to make some changes, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
The Peter G. Peterson Foundation gave $200,000 to six think tanks to write budget proposals.
The six are:
American Enterprise Institute
The Heritage Foundation
Center for American Progress
Economic Policy Institute
Roosevelt Institute Campus Network
The Bipartisan Policy Center
All of these organizations have varying ideas on how to handle the problem (boy do they ever).
Have any of these supposed think tanks ever publicly disclosed just where they get their normal funding from?
American Enterprise Institute would reduce the debt-to-gross-domestic product ratio to 60 percent. It is 68 percent now. They would preserve most military spending, but cut social security by giving every retiree an $850 monthly check and not letting 62-65 year olds collect benefits early. The payroll tax would be eliminated on people 62 and older to encourage them to stay in the work force. The age for Medicare would rise to 67 and the program would be revamped into a government subsidy for private insurance. AEI would eliminate farm subsidies and the child tax credit. AEI would replace all current taxes with a consumption tax like the “Fair Tax.”
Most of these outfits are somewhere in the same pasture sidestepping the obvious cow pies under foot., but the one thing that all of them left out of their various plans, is any mention of cutting Congressional or Senatorial Pay or Perks how about making the bums who created this almost insurmountable pile of manure OWN up and PAY up.
According to Mr. Stossel, our government will spend $3.8 TRILLION dollars this year, and he further said (which I agree with), we need to eliminate entire agencies and departments and missions.
The Heritage Foundation comes closest, with the idea of replacing all taxes with a simple flat tax but they would keep deductions for higher education, charitable deductions/gifts and mortgage insurance.
With a flat tax there should be no deductions, one simple form, and everybody pays the same (no wiggle room).
What we need is LESS government, not more.
Cut off Foreign Aid, withdraw from the United Nations, start drilling our own oil, over and above the objections of the tree huggers, and most of all we need to hold all the morons in black robes sitting on judicial benches all full of their own self importance accountable for legislating (making up law as they go along) from the bench starting with the Supreme Court, who in its’ infinite stupidity just ruled 8-1 in Kentucky v. King to give law enforcement the authority to enter your home without a warrant.
The purpose of the Fourth Amendment is to protect citizens’ privacy and property rights; but the Supreme Court’s decision now allows authorities to violate those rights, and to stage a search and seizure of property without obtaining a warrant from a judge.
The “government has denied property and privacy rights in deference to making the job of the police easier, “Judge Napolitano said on Fox News. “Why would we let our own government do to us, what we fought a revolution against 230 years ago?”
Shakespeare’s play Henry the 6th, act 4, scene 2, the character Dick’s line in this scene expresses a sentiment held by many to this very day: “The first thing we do, We will kill all the lawyers.”
I do not advocate that kind of violence but the scary thing is, there are many who do, but most of the politicians ( who for the most part are lawyers by education) seem to be oblivious to the fact that when a pressure cooker reaches a certain temperature, there will be a catastrophic explosion, and a whole lot of people will be burned and/or injured ( and they are the ones who are closest to it).

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