Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Governor Pawlenty: 

If you actually made this comment attributed to you below, I cannot support you as a presidential candidate.  The President must be a "natural born "citizen-- no ifs, ands, or buts.  It's not good enough for you to "think" that Obama was born in the USA--  if he was born in Kenya, Obama could never be "natural born"- he would be born a British subject.  Rather than surrender his birth certificate for public scrutiny, Obama let a decorated Army medical officer, LTC Terry Lakin, go to jail at Fort Leavenworth prison-- who had defied orders since his chains of command and his Congressional delegation could not assure him his Commander-in-Chief was legally serving.  In condemning this officer to prison, the Army over-turned the Nuremberg principles-- which require soldiers, when in doubt, to question the legality of their orders.  He was denied due process- evidence to defend himself and expert witnesses to testify in his behest.  Were you aware of this gross miscarriage of justice

After more than 2 years of Obama concealing ALL of his records- hiding behind his lawyers and the Privacy Act, we can assume perhaps he's NOT eligible and American voters may have been subjected to the greatest political fraud ever perpetrated in US history.  We elect leaders to handle big problems- to do what is right-- but above all, to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law.  This statement below indicates one of two things-- either you are ignorant-- and don't realize that Obama has never offered a shred of evidence-- not one official document-- to prove his birth in Hawaii-- or you are part of the conspiracy to keep a lid on this raging controversy and to give Obama free rein to run for re-election in 2012 without challenging his legal credentials (which thanks to Donald Trump's courage, are now being raised in the mainstream media).  If you are ignorant of the facts, why don't you ask Obama to release his long form birth certificate, so we might all finally know the truth?  If you are in the second category, your chances of winning the Republican nomination or the White House are greatly diminished by any hint of complicity with Obama's scandalous records cover-up.  Didn't Obama promise transparency?-- why don't you ask him to deliver on that pledge? 

Sincerely, Margaret Hemenway
Alexandria, VA

“I, for one, do not believe we should be raising that issue," the former Minnesota governor said in an interview MSNBC on Tuesday. "I think President Obama was born in the United States." - Tim Pawlenty


  1. Hey Tim! Do you think AKA'S BIRTH was through an immaculate conception? OR, do you suspect that maybe there WAS a male involved? IF the male was a British subject -- as the child, aka Obama claims; the child would NOT be eligible to be POTUS! Please read the Constitution that you have on occasions sworn to uphold. Learn what a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN is and how that differs from OTHER kinds of CITIZENSHIP. Forget about WHERE aka was BORN, he DOES NOT have TWO CITIZENS as parents at the time he was born.

  2. Either he is playing dumb or he just doesn't know the Constitution of the United States. Will not get my vote. Vattel (1758) Chapter 19 Book 1 #212 Pural both parents citizens of the United States. End of story.



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