Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Obama Trail 

from lamecherry

This quote from Joseph Farah says it all:
"I think it's important for the public to know that we were warned by a source who had provided reliable information in the past about the controversy over Obama's eligibility that something was about to be released," said Joseph Farah.

The reason this quote says it all, is in lies, there is never one person who knows the lie, but a host of Obama regime maniacs who are covering up that lie, and that lie is the fraudulent manufactured birth abstract of B. Hussein jr.

I'm not going to delve into the Mr. Farah and Mr. Corsi commentary on what they know nor the information they have, but what I desire people to comprehend is the following facts in being involved with intelligence on a global scale.

The Russians, Chinese, Israelis, French, British and select Muslim regimes ALL have surveillance on the American communication systems in proportion to the NSA's eschelon network.
The eschelon or octopus has key moles involved who are feeding information directly to the named above governments in espionage.

There is not one blackberry, one email, one phone call on any service which is not immediately recorded, and that includes the White House. It does not make any difference in Barack Obama in 2009 ripped apart the entire White House looking for Karl Rove bugs as this blog exclusively reported, because one bug in the wall is replaced by other devices as quickly, and baby sister, the equipment is now so sensitive that the same pin dropping in a concrete bunker is the same resonant sound of a voice in those same walls.
You can put in electronic hum and scramble, but digital clean up wipes the noise just as fast.

The reason for stating this is Joseph Farah has an intelligence source. Intelligence on numerous levels have been focused upon the Obama birth fraud. The reason being is blackmail. There is no secret in the FSB, PLA, MI6 or the IDF in exactly who from the Obama regime dealt with the creation of this bogus abstract Obama released. They know which brown recluse did it. They know who was in bed flossing talking about it with their sex partner, and they know who in Chicago was discussing this operation.

One lie has two lips, but once spoken it has a dozen sources discussing it.

What I'm conveying is simple in the same CIA which Leon Panetta was threatening over the Osama bin Laden murder, is the same CIA which can find an interesting way of locating digital files of this counterfeit document operation, put a PLA sound hum on it, so as to not trace it back to NSA, and somehow this gets handed over to Sarah Palin with Chinese handwriting on it and then it gets posted on YouTube for an internationally scandalous hit.

I'm going to say something here which is going to surprise people like Jeff Rense who thought Sarah Palin was not that intelligent. God has been good to Mrs. Palin in making things easy, but the things I have been observing in her, the Reagan way her campaign is forming, who is doing what as this blog exclusively broke and how a realignment is taking place, all point to........ well let me just state that some very powerful people have decided to assist Sarah Palin just as the same William Casey Americans decided to assist Ronald Reagan.
I will say no more on this, but I know what I'm hearing and seeing, and I know that there are numerous people who have the entire entourage of the Obama regime in their illegal actions concerning the birth abstract.

Obama thinks he has his back covered by the Rothschilds and thinks his bribes to the Eurasians are going to keep the lid on this. I know though there are disgruntled operatives inside this hierarchy and all that information is not being compartmentalized in the Obama factions archives.
It is all there and a felony criminal trail leads directly into the Oval Office and various other bedrooms flossing has taken place.

When Joseph Farah in his level one intelligence associates who play both sides of the spectrum are leaking information about this sloppy operation. There is more intelligence there that will blunder out on it's own and real data to topple this regime.

It is a simple operation in knowing Obama's schedule. Breaking the evidence and then simply listening to the reaction which will involve more illegal activity. The apparatus is already there, and this apparatus of foreign intelligence and American intelligence has been preparing for this already in operations which recorded phase one.

Watch out for those cell phones left in rooms with a 7 hour transmission as it is always surprising how operative 1 just happened to be calling his office and forgot to hang up the thing as Obama is dropping the soap later in the day.

I wonder if Bill Clinton, Rahm Emanuel and Bill Daley have been on that phones speed dial?


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