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Neil Sankey May 29, 2011

For the past three years plus, I, and many others, have worked endlessly for answers to questions that should have been VOLUNTARILY answered. Questions to which we STILL do not know the answers.

I found it unbelievable back then, and still do, looking back, we were about to elect a man to the Office of President of The United States who was actively concealing from us who he really was!  I STILL find that incredible! I had a pretty good idea that something was really amiss, even then, only because I had researched to find out. What I saw I did not like, but no one would listen. We still have not learned much about who he really is! The hypnotized masses remain at least partially hypnotized, although there may yet be signs of intelligent life.

It was apparent that we were being very badly misguided by our mainstream Media; It was so obvious they were not going to do their job. It even became obvious that there were certain eligibility subjects that even the rightwing talk radio would not discuss, that seemed incredible, considering the faith and trust most of us used to have in Fox. But, Boy! were we ever wrong!  Fox sold out! Now they are all as bad and Fox has become a pathetic joke!

I set out back then, to find out what was so taboo, and why. I have been a Detective for over forty years, some of those years involved in “Left Wing Subversion Analysis” at New Scotland Yard in England. There was too much similarity in the Marxist/Communist creep we were seeing then and what was/is happening today. Too many people involved then in World subversion and revolution, now have actual power! 

When I started to research the background of some of the major players, I quickly became aware that, even with the restricted access that I had available to me, I began to find a lot of indicators that there was a major problem, in fact, a LOT of major problems. There were strong indications of criminal activities, even evidence of crime. Indeed, there was certainly more than ample evidence to support some hefty investigations.

Yet, there were no investigations, where were “Our Finest” - Nowhere to be found, maybe sucking up to the very people they should be investigating

Oh yes, they are all quick enough to tell us that we have “The Finest Security Agencies…… “The Finest FBI, CIA, POLICE, etc in the WORLD, yet here we were undergoing the ultimate subterfuge, and NO ONE WAS INVESTIGATING. Despite all the extreme measures we took to bring all this to notice, nobody cared! In fact, in the true style of Marxist, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” they LAUGHED at us, they made fun of us, and even more unbelievably, the sheeple lapped it up and joined in. EVEN Conservatives and Republicans!

When I first started out on this quest in 2008, there was much information out there to be found and plenty of places to look. Now, unfortunately, it is all scrubbed and corrupted beyond recognition. It is amazing what they have achieved, although certainly nothing to be proud of. Public records pages have been destroyed, articles hacked and erased, miles of blogs and even Public Record information has disappeared.  Bogus replacement pages have been inserted, diverters, root kits and viruses etc, it is horrendous. Rules have been changed, or written, even new laws have been passed to protect the guilty. All in the cause of disrupting, confusing, or totally concealing THE TRUTH FROM THE PUBLIC!  Well I hope they are proud of what they have wrought upon us, it is getting worse daily!. Our country is being dismantled and again, in true style of both Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton’s mentors, Saul Alinsky’s students, Cloward and Piven, everything is being wrecked before it can be rebuilt in true Socialist fashion. It IS happening today, here and now folks. They know what they are doing and it is all that matters to them.

It is getting plainer to see, daily, that the corruption is progressing nicely into the “Command and Control” areas of this country, things are falling into place for them, quietly, surreptitiously, even secretly. For you people who think, “Oh! this is America, no problem, we will just vote them out in the next election, 2012”.  Have you got a shock coming?  When you, too late, realize that the “Machine” has control of the voting equipment, the election workers, the vote counters, the Local, County and State Officials.
Hey! they cannot win on a level playing field, and they are NOT going to LOSE!  No, if you don’t get control, and quick, you may have lost this country for a very long time.

What I really cannot understand, and what causes me personally so much pain, is the total lack of INVESTIGATION, what's the FBI motto? "FIDELITY, BRAVERY and INTEGRITY"??  Where has that gone?

Amongst Government, State, Federal and even City Officials, few have stood up and fought for the side of “WE THE PEOPLE”. Those few that are brave enough to stand up have been ridiculed and derided mercilessly, just as Alinsky instructed.

Where is the “integrity of purpose” of the CIA, FBI, all the Police Agencies, don't they CARE about the People, the Constitution, the Country?

There is, we now know, major corruption out there.  There are undoubtedly many people, some in high Office, who know the answers to our many questions, so why do they not come forward?  …Don’t they realize who really employs them? 

There are many who could quite easily, given the powers they already have, find the answers and use evidence properly for the purpose of prosecution of those guilty in this horrific charade. Why don’t they? No guts...   or are they involved as well? Rest assured it will come out, you cannot kill us all and we do intend to find out and expose everything. They, our previously entrusted "Officials", can hear, see and feel, daily, the harm being caused by this gang of Chicago thugs and their Marxist cronies, the unelected Czars!

Perhaps the most amazing thing of all is why are the “People” allowing this to continue? No matter what they feebly say, we do not know the truth about the man who rules this country, the man who holds and controls the nuclear football. We DO know what is NOT true. His stories about his relatives and his life are proven time and again to be false. His Social Security number is likely false, AND long ago I produced an extensive list of Social Security numbers and addresses which should have intrigued any Detective in the Country to find out more. Perhaps above all, we DO KNOW that his father was a subject of the British Protected Colonies, a Brit, NOT an American Citizen and so there is no way he could be ELIGIBLE to occupy the Office of President. So, WHY IS HE STILL THERE???   

He jokes about his forged Birth Certificates, and the people laugh with him, just like sheep, just like Alinsky told them to do!  Alinsky’s fifth rule “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon” 

We already had Congress read the Constitution; it did not do much good. Maybe, from the Chief Justice on down, they should really have re-read the Oaths of Office that they took. Maybe they need to think about why they are there. Maybe look directly at their own children as they do it.

It is NOT to protect Mr. Obama and his cronies personally that these people are in a position of Authority.  That is what they are effectively doing, but they were elected to protect THE CONSTITUTION of THE UNITED STATES and the OFFICE of the (lawful) PRESIDENCY.

Be well aware, you cannot ignore this forever. We are learning this week of some of the brave Patriots who daily battle with these dreadful people on the front lines, Attorneys, REAL Media Editors and REAL journalists are now being threatened with their lives for telling the truth and trying to bring about the changes that are so desperately needed in this crippled country.

Are the sheeple going to mindlessly giggle and snigger as these brave people get killed on their behalf? As their country gets taken over and becomes “Third World”?

What does it take?

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