Tuesday, May 31, 2011

States Must Unify To Stand Against The Federal Government

Last week was not a proud moment in Texas history. The state senate buckled under pressure from Washington D.C.

I want a do over.

The issue was a 4th Amendment infringement by the Dept of Homeland Security's TSA, air traffic passenger pat down methods. According to some, Lt Governor Dewhurst arm twisted members of the state senate to kill the bill which would have made TSA procedures illegal in Texas.

The pressure brought to bear by Washington, was the threat to declare an air traffic embargo against the state of Texas, if such a law was passed by the Texas legislature.

It didn't. And the 4th amendment was tossed into the dirt. Texas stood alone for a while on this issue, sadly, before getting on it's knees. This state doesn't have to stay there though. There is something that can be done. The time for respecting the whims of Washington are over.

What is needed is legislative coordination amongst the states. Whenever the need to confront the Feds arises in the future, 10 states, 20 states,... need to unify against the unconstitutional laws coming out of a corrupted central government.

Could the Federal government shut down air traffic, if 20 states had said no more TSA gropings? Nullification. Coordinated Nullification.

These states seeking justice and the rule of law, that attempt to go it alone, are going to be quickly isolated and overwhelmed by the Feds. Every state legislature needs to remember this past week, as a lesson learned.


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  1. FYI, Lt Governor Dewhurst is a CIA spook who has a long history of associations with the worst of the worst, including escaped Nazis.


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