Thursday, May 26, 2011

...the Obama administration comes to an end – because they tried to preserve the administration with a criminal fraud.

Citizens for the Constitution;
Obama ‘Hoisted on his own Petard!’
(Petard: a small explosive device meant to breach the barricades of, say, public opinion)
When is a FORGED Certification of Live Birth also a Petard?
Late in February, 2011, ‘moles’ in the Hawaii Department of Health warned Dr. Jerome Corsi that a forged and fraudulent Certification of Live Birth for Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. was about to be inserted into the sequentially numbered record book of birth records, stating that Kapiolani was the hospital, and David A Sinclair was the birthing doctor.
Rather than publish this planned act of Treason to defraud the American people with a blatant lie (Nixon went down for much less), it was decided to wait until it actually happened, so he could then implicate himself – by the announcement of 27 April, 2011 – and subsequently ‘hoist himself on his own petard’.
After Obama’s co-conspirator, Donald Trump, set the stage with his ‘Where’s the Birth Certificate?’ rant on The View, the media was allowed to talk about ‘it’ (‘it’ being the Birth Certificate, not ‘eligibility’, or ‘is he a natural born Citizen – Trump still has no interest in that), and build momentum for the April 27, 2011 announcement of the release of Obama’s (drum roll, please) petard uh, Long-Form ‘Certificate of Live Birth’.
Dr. Corsi said that the information contained in his book, Where’s the Birth Certificate?, and the new revelations he was about to unleash would mean the Obama administration “would not survive,” because the evidence proves the administration has tried to preserve itself using “criminal fraud”.
On Monday, May 23, 2011, Alex Jones published his first interview on the book with Dr. Corsi on his radio show. It is a must-listen-to expose of the beginning of the end for the usurper, as we advance towards the restoration of our Constitution, and the end of this long national nightmare of crime, intrigue, corruption and Treason by the Obama regime.
A summary of key comments made in the 3 video clips found on the website appear below.
In Liberty.
Neil B. Turner Citizens for the Constitution
5:00 mins - Got a call from a source in Hawaii 3 weeks before the release of the BC – a new record had been forged and slipped into the log book: named Kapiolani Hospital and Dr. Sinclair;
          Decided not to publish the story then. Date-stamped and archived it, then waited until Obama published and personally committed to the document (like Nixon’s lie that was his undoing).
6:20 -If the document proves to be falsified (which it has), the Obama administration comes to an end – because they tried to preserve the administration with a criminal fraud.
7:30 -Trump is ‘subterfuge’. Working with Obama. He got a copy of the book in advance.
          Trump gets his new NBC/GE contract, accepts the Long Form Birth Certificate without investigation, and the press goes back to sleep.
11:00 - (Stanley) Ann Dunham was never a patient at Kapiolani Hospital. There are no records of her there.
2:00 - Kenyan government documents/letters to then President G.W. Bush show that a 2007 search of 1961 birth records in Kenya found that any records for Obama there were criminally altered, with the intent to destroy or otherwise disguise Obama’s birth in Mombasa at the Lady Grigg Hospital – a division of Mombasa General Hospital.
5:40 - BHO, Sr. was never married to Stanley Ann Dunham (SAD). SAD spent time in Bill Lederer’s sleazy bar on Hotel St. in Honolulu, got pregnant, and decided she wanted BHO, Sr. to be the father. He wasn’t interested – except for help with his INS application to extend his stay in the U.S. He lent his name, but there was no marriage ceremony.
6:15 - Ann Dunham (SAD), alone, ran off without BHO, Sr. to Kenya in an attempt to convince his African family that she deserved to be their princess!  It didn’t work. When she got home (with the baby), BHO, Sr. still did not want to be her husband, so she packed up the baby 3 weeks later and went off to Seattle, WA, to the University of Washington.
8:30 – Public records show that Harvard Univ. and the INS concluded that BHO, Sr. and SAD had a ‘sham’ marriage, just to extend his stay in the U.S.
9:00 – There’s still the story about Bill Lederer’s bar and SAD getting pregnant, AND her deciding that her ‘fairy dream’ would come true if BHO, Sr. would just marry her. They could go to Kenya, with him becoming President (of Kenya) and she would become Mrs. President!  That’s what she told Maxine Box (sp?) in Seattle.
2:00 – It’s the beginning of the end for the Obama regime.
4:30 – Trump called Corsi. Only interested in how far he’s gotten and where he was going with it (so he can report back to the White House). But that’s fine with Corsi.
11:00 – (Alex Jones) What’s the real story here? To cover up that he’s a bastard?
          (Corsi) Covering up that the mother, desperate to find a father, induced BHO, Sr. to be the father, took on her own a trip to Africa to try to convince the family that she should be the princess.  That’s the real story here!
11:28 – They (BHO, Sr.’s family) took this crazy girl over to Mombasa Hospital and let her have her baby. They sent her home (after missing 6 months) and she goes to Seattle.

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