Sunday, May 29, 2011

Death Threats from Obots Become More Strident


by Sharon Rondeau
Image credit: Nobarack08
(May 29, 2011) — The following message was sent to the FBI through a secure connection established to investigate death threats against the editor of The Post & Email and others associated with the publication:
New death threat this morning:
Obama’s Brother
Submitted on 2011/05/28 at 11:28 PM
God damn you Sharon, I swear to GOD you will die before this year is over. I’ve had enough of your ugly a**. You need to be punished for eternity for your sins.
Are you looking into these threats?  I believe as the target, I have a right to know.  I would like to hear from one of you in the near future.
You should also be investigating Obama’s use of a Connecticut social security number and possible multiple social security numbers; the forged images he has presented to the public as “proof” of a birth in Hawaii which did not occur; and his closed college records which most likely would reveal that he attended school as a foreign student with foreign student aid.
If these things were investigated, then the death threats against me and others would stop, as the proof of our case would be made.  How much longer is the country to be hijacked by a constitutionally ineligible de facto president, a criminal Congress, complicit judiciary, and an FBI which won’t do anything?  Will you not uphold your oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution?  I am risking my life to do so.
If anything happens, my family will hold the FBI responsible for having failed to act.
Sharon Rondeau
The Post & Email, Inc.
If Obama’s supporters are so peace-loving, why are they threatening violence?  Is it because their ineligible usurper now wears no clothes?  Where is the sin in exposing the truth?
They never use their real names, but hide behind fake names and email addresses.  They change their IP numbers constantly.
Why aren’t they angry with Obama for deceiving them, and why do they protect a foreign-born domestic enemy?
How many traitors are there supporting this man who has lied about everything to the American people and changed our form of government to something we don’t even recognize?

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