Saturday, October 22, 2011

Birther Summit draws a line in the sand for America

birther summitWASHINGTON – A group of well-informed people, who have done vigorous research into President Obama’s lack of constitutional eligibility to hold office, forged birth certificate, fraudulently created Selective Service System registration and use of a stolen Social Security Number, have teamed up to organize the Birther Summit, March 28-30, in Washington, D.C.

Americans have been contacting their representa-tives in Congress for the past three years to address what this group considers “the biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon our nation,” only to have their concerns fall on the deaf ears of not just elected officials but our judiciary as well.

Rather than holding a summit to listen to elected officials say what they think their constituents want to hear, summit organizers say it’s time these unresponsive career politicians be confronted by “We the people,” in person.

According to Dean Haskins, executive director of the Birther Summit, the event is “traditional America reclaiming her foundation, ridding herself of rampant corruption in Washington, and removing an illegal occupant of the White House.

“Barack Obama’s ineligibility is our line in the sand,” says Haskins, who calls Obama “merely a symptom of a much more sinister disease,” which he defines as corrupt federal government.

The group behind the Birther Summit didn’t spend much time debating the name, agreeing it’s a pejorative pinned to a topic readily recognized by all. And, by embracing the “Birther” name they have destroyed the ability to use the name for Saul Alinsky-styled ridicule.

Haskins goes on to say, “Regardless of one's political bent, how one feels about Barack Obama as a person, or one's beliefs about Barack Obama's eligibility to be president, this debacle should make one thing very clear: that Congress has positioned itself outside of its constitutional role and purpose, and is not only governing against the will of the people, it refuses even to acknowledge the people at all. Allowing this nefarious band of reprobates to continue refusing to properly resolve this constitutional catastrophe they created will be the death knell of America. Their next assault on our Constitution and heritage will be that much harder, if not impossible, to stop.

“For that reason, every American citizen who is opposed to the current overthrow and destruction of the America we have known and loved should consider the current eligibility scandal to be a crucial moment in our history, and should understand that Birthers are not the lunatic conspiracy theorists the political left and its ancillary national media have painted us to be. We are merely Americans who have drawn a line in the sand, and are telling Congress that we are no longer going to accept its criminal assault on our Constitution and way of life.”

Haskins invites all Americans to attend the Birther Summit in March, proudly embrace the Birther moniker and its line in the sand.

If that line in the sand continues to be crossed with impunity, Haskins believes “it is likely the last line we’ll ever be able to draw.”

He stated, “We are Americans. We are the Birther Summit,” an event that will enhance and unify all individual eligibility efforts.

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  1. WE CAN"T WAIT until March of NEXT YEAR! Way TOO MUCH damage is being done on a DAILY BASIS! By March of 2112, aka Obama will have enough "Storm Troops" organized to completely surround a D.C. protest group.

    WE ARE A constitutional Republic and our brilliant Founding Fathers provided a means IN THE CONSTITUTION to thwart attempts to take over our Nation and its government. IF EVERY Congress critter were to face a large crowd of protestors AT THEIR DISTRICT OFFICES with their being charged with Misprison of Treason -- AND WITH THE COUNTY SHERIFFS OF THAT DISTRICE there to ARREST THE TREASONISTS, it would not take long for those in Congress to get the message that they had better HONOR THEIR OATH OF OFFICE AND pass legislation to either IMPEACH OR ARREST THE USURPER --- OR, to face charges of treason and suffer the consequences of TRAITORS.


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