Friday, October 28, 2011

The Obama Disease


It is quite interesting to see the international scope of the cover up, intrigue and monitoring associated with Barack Hussein Obama.

I can inform you of one thing, that if you type in BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, to any institution, that they will run like...........oh let's use an American phrase, they will run from Obama like raped apes.

I have been in contact with the Church of England over Barack sr's schooling and scholarships...and they ran.

I have been in contact with Pakistani Intel.............they ran at the mention of Barry.

I have been in contact with Scotland Yard........and I had a most amusing time with the crime fighters as they were quite polite, but very nervous in telling me basically to get the hell away from them, and to contact British Boarder Security............which in turn ran the hell away from me too.

You just mention Obama and it is like mentioning the Black Plague anywhere on the globe.

One of my favorites was recently I was in contact with Bethesda Naval Hospital, as I had a few choice questions concerning the DNA review of Osama bin Laden...........which if you recall Obama immediately stated was confirmed by him.
Problem is it takes 3 days to process DNA, and in one site I found information that a British firm could accomplish it in 8 hours, if they walked the sample through the lab, but even at that, Barack Obama was crowing he had identified bin Laden in 5 hours.


So just like terrorists passports found on New York streets after 9 11.............well Barry Soebarkha lied to the world and who knows who was DOA in the bin Laden home.

I bothered to grab the above from the Naval site as I was attempting to contact them, as the warning included that someone was trying to impersonate a Navy server in grabbing the information I was sharing with them.

Gee all I was asking about was Bethesda in the JFK fraud autopsy, how the Navy processed bin Laden's DNA and who was processing it............and all of a sudden a spider pops up and starts grabbing information and refusing to submit the information to a US Government site.

I honestly have never in all of my years witnessed such an absolute "silencing" of every system around the globe in everything associated with Barack Hussein Obama. It is for absolute certainty that the group which assassinated Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy is the group which installed B. Hussein. The octopus of this is global and when they can scare Muslims in Pakistan to English twist by simply inquiring about BHO..........this is an immense cover up.

What I find additionally interesting is the reality, it doesn't make one damn bit of difference if you are praising Obama nor not. They absolutely will not talk about him.........and that goes to the family like that terrorist Riala Odinga. Extricating information on him, even from those who hate him, is worse than pulling teeth. Every single entity and individual is scared of anything being said or being traced coming from them.
It seems impossible as always you find people who like to talk or make a mistake in chattering about things in having a stupid moment, but not when it comes to Obama. There is an absolute information shut down........and you can see it filtering to US judges to the US Congress. The word is out to shut up about Obama or there will be consequences.

The SECURE CONNECTION FAILED at the sister knows this is Navy CIA we are talking about and the spiders broke their independent server.

Explains a little bit how the Obama SEALS got mass assassinated, as this is coming from thee most elite levels, as oil, dope and terrorism is a big economic imprint for the cartels and when Obama murdered the Sheik, the folks supplying hundreds of billions of dollars in contraband were not going to take the Obama appeasement had settled for it, the murder of 30 some American SEALS..........just like Obama had the US Soldiers in theater for all these years in slaughter pits and as targets for Muslims to "even things out".

Barack, Osama and JFK are now all related. Mention either one of these three characters and people run for their lives.

Is rather like the natives living with the maneating lion in the bush. They all just hope that by next rainy season in 2012 November that the stalking death will just go away to feed somewhere else and a new President will show up, so no one in the judicial or legislative will have to suck on subpoenas or take a Bill Colby canoe trip to die by natural causes.

So fascinating how leery everyone is about Obama.........which makes one wonder, just how thorough the clean up has been on BHO, in how many people really did die of natural causes from bullet wounds, which never made the news to connect the dots.
People worldwide are really scared of anything to do with this guy, and that means the word is out from the top down in keeping your mouth shut keeps you healthy.

The Obama disease is catchy...................wonder if that is why Snot licker Napolitano was conditioning terror in 2009 with that Obama Flu, to scare people of the virus and that would associate with the plague of Obama.

Wonder who I can poke next to watch them jump.


  1. Whether you agree with LC's biblical interpretation or not, Lame Cherry is the best political reporter out there, both investigative and analytical. Puts the pieces together like no one else. Skip the Mockingbird shills, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levine, and Coulter; Lame Cherry has us covered front and back.

  2. I tried to google barry and it went to error404. So I used Firefox and it came up a conspiracy of different names and pics. Wow what a job they have done to the american ppl. I think Hilliary is scared to and we remember all the deaths surrounding that bunch.


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