Sunday, October 30, 2011


Greetings Newsmax.
A conservative friend forwarded one of your emails to me about "The End of Obama."

While the message was just a sales pitch to subscribe to your magazine, I am totally supportive of your right to sell your publication and to make a profit - and generally supportive of the conservative slant. I do take issue with the dis-ingenuousness of the sales pitch itself.
Identifying yourself as conservative is all well and good, but you are not Constitutionalists. There is a vast difference. You do not tell the whole truth because there are a legion of us who are easily as well informed as you, who do know more truth than you have published - and we're confident that you are not willing to face up to your moral duty to inform the public - or to do your patriotic duty to protect America and its founding precepts.
That puts you in the same category as Obama and his socialist/communist minions, the Congress, SCOTUS, the judiciary, the unions and the media in all its forms. We are fully aware that many of the so called conservative think tanks who are always soliciting us for funds, are as complicit in the overall plot to destroy capitalism as you are. Hiding the real  truth from the public puts you all squarely in that cabal. 
I can elaborate at great length upon the decline of the USA and the reasons for it, but this is just a brief note to let you know that there are millions of us who are finally awake as to the evil that dwells within our borders. We know that we may have to vote for a Republican and it will probably be the engineered choice of the party - but the two party system is finished. It will be dismantled in the not too distant future to be replaced by a Constitutional Congress to govern until morality and the rule of law is reestablished. The adversarial political system has been finely tuned to control the citizenry. If all elected representatives had the Constitution and the welfare of the United States as their primary purpose - all differences of methodology would be manageable.
Your published content is about politics and manipulation of truth. It's never about the real issues that must be solved. Sure, we can take sides about politics - but we must never take sides about America and its principles.

Harry Wilmott.

PS: I'll never see this in print, will I? Why don't you publish it in your next edition and ask your readers to specifically comment - without editorializing by you? I'm going to post it on several blogs which are avidly read every day.


  1. I want you to know that I am ONE of the Millions the writer of that letter was talking about when he said this!
    { this is just a brief note to let you know that there are millions of us who are finally awake as to the evil that dwells within our borders. }
    Tell the Truth about the Creeping Evil that the DemonRats are bringing on this Nation, or Shut up and Sit Down.


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