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Obama hates America and its Constitution

  April 7, 2010 | 3 Comments
By Gordon Bishop
obama-hates-america After more than a half-century as a columnist and investigative reporter, I’ve come to the scary conclusion that Barack Hussein Obama, a black African Arab, hates America and plans to destroy capitalism because he is a pro-terrorist Marxist Communist who grew up in an Indonesian Muslim country.
Every thing Obama (or is it really Osama?) has done as an Illinois State Senator, U.S. Senator for 2 years and, since taking over the reins of federal government last year, has been anti-American.
Obama’s agenda is to transform America into a Socialist Marxist Nation State, as fast as he can. He’s spending trillions and trillions of dollars of borrowed money (with interest) to make his “historic transformation,” ruining the United States in the process.
This radical crook from Chicago became a politician because his close friend, Bill Ayers, launched Obama’s career in his crazy Chicago home.
Ayers is a radical terrorist who blew up some federal buildings because he, too, hates America, even more than his sidekick, Barack Hussein Obama.
This anti-America terrorist sympathizer flies around the world in our costly Presidential Jet Plane, blaming America for almost all of the problems facing socialist nations.
We haven’t seen anything like this since Vladimir Lenin, the father of Communism and, of course, anti-America, and his evil successor, Joseph Stalin, another Russian mass murderer who was a brutal dictator akin to Adolph Hitler.
Priority Number 1 for the ‘Big 0.’ is to destroy America’s economy. After that, the commies can take over and control all of our public and private sector businesses and jobs.
If you think it’s bad now, wait’ll you see what America looks like by the end of this year.
Instead of empowering the private sector to generate jobs, Obama already has hired more than 100,000 federal government jobs, adding tens of thousands of IRS bureaucrats to steal our hard-earned money — another burden on America’s taxpayers.
I’m surprised that more than 20 million unemployed Americans aren’t rioting in the streets of their hometowns.
One thing Obama has done is to create a bankruptcy environment that led to a new independent party, called simply “The Tea Party.”
It will be The Tea Party movement that takes out Obama and his Chicago thugs — his Marxist Commie followers from coast-to-coast.
This will be the Second American Revolution, thanks to Obama’s inept failure to protect America from an inevitable Depression.
Obama’s unconstitutional health care law (Obamacare) already faces scores of lawsuits now pending before the United States Supreme Court. And this slippery weasel who captured the White House is a Harvard Law School graduate, as is his wife, Michelle.
You know what the greatest writer in the English language (William Shakespeare) warned some 400 years ago: “First, kill all the lawyers!” The Obamas and many of their friends and supporters are lawyers.
Just what America doesn’t need!
All of those self-hating, self-indulgent Americans in the bankrupt liberal cities love nothing more than bankrupting America. They see it as the only way to wipe out the law-abiding conservatives who want to get rid of the far left liberal radicals killing our economy — and our educational system.
Yes, more than 93 percent of America’s colleges and universities are run by liberals who believe that Big Government is the best way to solve all of our economic problems.
The Great One — President Ronald Reagan — declared: “Government is the problem, not the solution.”
The Obama White House and Congress are doing everything they can to destroy Ronald Reagan’s enormous popularity and success initiatives during the 1980s.
Reagan’s legacy is that he cut taxes and generated millions and millions of jobs, so working taxpayers and voters could enjoy more than 8 years of “Reaganomics.”
Reagan stood up to the Communists when he demanded that Russia’s leader Gorbachev “Tear down that Wall” dividing Germany. The Germans returned to freedom and liberty.
Obama considers European Communists as his allies.
This Marxist President in the White House will not stand up for America.
Because he’s not a citizen of America. In Obama’s campaign for the presidency, he announced: “I am a Citizen of the World!” He never mentioned America.
Yes, this egotistic, arrogant dictator wants to control the world. America is just not big enough for this destructive madman.
As always, “God Bless America.”

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  1. He can only do this because Congress (Dem AND Republican) and the courts allow him to. NO excuses.


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