Monday, October 31, 2011

Obama “Can’t Wait”—to Act Like a Dictator

Daniel J. Flynn,Human Events

Barack Obama campaigns against a “do nothing” Congress. The “do everything” president is the real problem.

“The truth is,we can no longer wait for Congress to do its job,” the president announced in his Saturday radio address. “The middle-class families who’ve been struggling for years are tired of waiting.”
The White House hammers the verbiage home on its website with the ubiquitous message:“We can’t wait on Congress:The time to act is now.” For the leader of the free world,like the leader of the Heartbreakers,the waiting is the hardest part.
So the president issues a series of frenetic executive orders. One involves limiting some annual student loan payments to 10 percent of debtor income. Another establishes a website. Another encourages community health centers to hire veterans.
This is what America has been waiting for?
It’s sad to see a president employing the impatient rhetoric of dictators. This is mitigated,however,by the meek deeds of a humbled chief executive. Actions speak softer than words here.
Perhaps we should be pleased that the president is going small. Launching an unauthorized war in Libya or using the Federal Communications Commission to impose internet rules that Congress had explicitly rejected were consequential usurpations. But shaving half of a percent off of a few students’ loans is Barack Obama channeling Bill Clinton on school uniforms. Who cares?
Circumventing the legislative branch is a tacit admission of leadership failure….
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