Saturday, October 29, 2011


All this mystery surrounding Obama speaks to a great deficiency in the American way of doing things. No one seeking the office of the President of the United States of America, or any elected office for that matter, has the right to any expectation of privacy. The notion that one can say, in effect, " I want you to vote for me for President, for leader of the free world, but there are things about me that I don't want you to know," is an unacceptable absurdity! No one running for high office has the right to tell the electorate that there are things about themselves that they want to keep hidden! Clinton withheld his medical records, Kerry withheld his military records, and Obama has withheld his entire recorded history. Why the American people tolerate this nonsense is beyond my understanding. Anyone who aspires to be President of the United States of America had best be prepared to divulge every facet of their being to the American people, and withhold nothing! The People should demand nothing less! Should the People desire the candidate undergo a colonoscopy, he, or she, had best immediately bend over, or get the hell out of the race. Period! End of story!
During the last election cycle, I remember Charles Krauthammer writing a euphoric column because a Black man, Barack Obama was a serious presidential candidate. I felt that I needed to find out more about him before I thought he should be in the White House.  I also have read all I can about his origins, and the more I read the more disturbed I become.  All of his associations thoughout his life have been Maxists.  His early years are still in the shadows, and at times I think that even Barack Obama doesn't  know. But every action President Obama takes shows me that he does not like this country and is trying to destroy it.  If we give him four more years, we will allow the destruction to become permanent. 
Obama is "president" because he and his enablers committed what amounts to a bloodless coup d'etat to put him there. He and ACORN knowingly committed voter fraud, and his campiagn knowingly accepted illegal and/or foreign campaign contributions. His New Black Panthers menaced people at the polls. Nothing was done by the Bush DOJ. Using Senate Resolution 511 as political cover, Nancy Pelosi filed two (2) different certifications of election to place Barry Soetoro on the ballot as Barack Obama, thus knowingly committing fraud.
Members of the Congress knowingly violated the constitution, which clearly forbids a person of foreign birth from becoming CIC and chief executive, by ignoring Obama's background and known origins, and then failed to act upon the information when it became known. This is also a crime, known as misprision of felony. Obama is guilty of felonies at mutiple levels; his online electronic birth certificate has been conclusively shown to be a fake; he is using a social security number issued in Connecticutt, a state he has never lived in, and his selective service number is bogus.
Obama has had multiple names and may have a criminal record on one or more of them. He probably listed his origins as an Indonesian Muslim when applying to Occidental College, but his records have been redacted. Why was BHO's first act in office to use his new authority to seal his records? Hiding something you don't want us to see?

If yo are interested, seek out Larry Sellin's lengthy series of articles on Obama, at Canada Free Press (now archived) and the Post and Email websites. Dr. Sellin (LTC, USA, ret.) has done yeoman work in researching, analyzing and interpreting the whole lawless debacle. 
I have always been a pretty good judge of character, but, as a Lifelong Democrat in 2008, I saw right thru Obama's BS and Lies.  That was all I could hear coming from his mouth.  I vote on Past Record and Accomplishments.  Obama had neither, so I voted McCain, the second time in my life I had voted for a Republican.  I helped vote Carter in office and I helped vote him out after he proved worthless.  With Hussein, I could tell right off he was bad news, it was so obvious.  I did pray that he would prove me wrong and that he would make a great Leader, but that never happened and won't happen.  As in 2008, I will not vote for Obama or anyone in the Democratic Party, which actually does not exist anymore, instead, it should be renamed the Looney Tune Legion of Demons Party, would fit them so much better.  I hope to be Raising Cain in 2012! HERMAN CAIN 2012!  Mr Cain has more Intelligence and Common Sense in his nose than Obama has in his whole being or will ever hope to have!  

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