Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Citizen’s Response to the RNC’s Request for Support


by a Reader

Rep. Paul Ryan is the new RNC Presidential Trust
(Oct. 27, 2011) — The following email solicitation was received by a reader of The Post & Email:
From:  Congressman Paul Ryan
Subject:  Help Make Barack Obama a One-Term President
Dear XXXX,
America is at a tipping point.
14 million Americans are unemployed and 9.3 million are underemployed. Our debt has grown over $4 trillion in less than three years and will be above $16 trillion before the end of 2012. The safety net for the poor is coming apart at the seams and no one in Washington seems to care.
The only way we can restore our prosperity and save our great nation from President Barack Obama’s failed policies is to elect conservative Republican leaders from the Court House to the White House in 2012 — and make President Obama a one-term president.
As the new Chairman of the Republican National Committee’s Presidential Trust, I’m doing my part to help elect a Republican President and conservative candidates at all levels in 2012 so we can get America moving forward again and off the failed path of the Democrats.
and the individual’s reply was:
Mr. Ryan,
Until you acknowledge and seriously investigate Obama’s ineligibility and other criminal fraud, you will get nothing (except perhaps charged with misprision of felony for your dereliction of your duty to the defense of the Constitution).
Obama’s fraud:
  • Not a natural born Citizen (not merely born in USA, but born of citizen parents)
  • Bogus Social Security Number – issued from Connecticut, a state in which he never lived
  • Birth certificate document fraud – pdf of BC from website is a clear forgery, not a scan of a paper document
  • Not born in any Hawaiian hospital (maybe born elsewhere in Hawaii – probably born out of USA, but who really knows since no one truly vetted him)
  • Bogus Selective Service Registration number – probably failed to register as a young man, thus ineligible for any federal office
  • Probably attended Occidental College registered as an Indonesian foreign national (used his adoptive citizenship to game the system)
The game is up, Mr. Ryan, as well over half the country is now fully aware of Obama’s ineligibility and other criminal fraud.  Do your duty and defend our Constitution from this domestic enemy or risk the scorn of America and your own conviction of misprision of felony.  You and the rest of the political elites (yes, both R’s and D’s) are not fooling anyone anymore.  Get going or get out.

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