Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Video:Rick Perry Doubles Down on Birth Certificate,MSNBC Goes Apoplectic


  1. I trust globalist, Republican-shill Perry absolutely zero. So I wouldn't be too sure anything good will come from him on the Usurper's eligibility. Is he following in Trump's footsteps, which at best was a mixed bag for the eligibility movement, since he abandoned it when the fight was most needed after the forgery was released? All I know is that Perry started on the BC after having "dinner with Donald Trump." Beware...

    I do like the previous story that ballot-eligibility lawsuits will be filed against the Usurper by a different candidate in 3 states.

  2. Yes GiveUsLiberty1776,Governor Rick Perry seems to have
    gotten himself caught between a rock and a hard place.
    He is darned if he does,and equally darned if he doesn't.
    The absolute fact of his knowledge is out there on the internet of a "Presentment" sent him late Oct-early Nov.2009 by a Citizens Grand Jury proven by Certified Mail
    receipts from the senders.Did Governor Perry read it? No one can say for sure,since like ALL the so called Officials who received this or like presentment packages,they didn't respond or comment.They avoided it like a Vampire would avoid Sunlight.So Governor Perry is not alone.If you can't believe this,put a call
    out to Ex American Grand Jury members for the Certified Mail Receipts they have floating around on their hard drives.


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