Saturday, September 29, 2012


Dear Attorney Montgomery,

I'm sure that everyone on this thread (as well as the additional state and national leaders who will be copied) appreciates your thoughtful comments and response.  I'm not sure to which disparaging comments you were referring in your email just now (I have made none), but to your specific point about a crime needing to be committed in Maricopa County, I would again ask that you read Larry Klayman's letter to Robert Bauer.  (Mr. Klayman has been copied herein as well.)  In his letter, dated August 29, 2012, he gives a point by point analysis of both applicable Hawaii Law (found in HRS-338) and Alvin Onaka's response to AZ Secretary of State Ken Bennett's March 30, 2012, request for verification.  In Larry's letter - which was sent via registered mail to every SOS and AG in the country, along with every State Democratic Party Chair and member of the DNC - he specifically demonstrates that anyone (either state or national party official) who submits an OCON (Official Certificate of Nomination) stating (under oath) that Barack Obama is Constitutionally eligible is perjuring him or herself, given the fact that Alvin Onaka's official verification clearly demonstrates that the alleged birth certificate (or the purported digital image thereof) has no probative value according to Hawaii's own laws (clearly referenced and explained in Mr. Klayman's analysis).  

So, Bill, given that Ken Bennett is now in receipt of an OCON from the DNC (and we can document this), in which, according to Attorney Klayman's analysis, the signatories  officially attest (under oath) to a fact  which cannot be legally verified or known, those DNC Officials who have signed the OCON have committed perjury in Maricopa county.  No one disputes that Ken Bennett is the chief election official in the state, and directly responsible for certifying the candidates placed on our state ballot, but one of the fundamental and distinguishing characteristics of our republic is our system of checks and balances, whereby each official, in whichever branch, is held accountable by those in other branches.  No one is above the law.

I therefore ask you once more that you read Attorney Klayman's excellent and thorough analysis (attached once more), and I repeat that given the specific laws which he sites therein, those who have signed the DNC OCON (as well as the state's if and when submitted) have or will have committed perjury against the citizens of this county by submitting those documents here in Maricopa County.  If the State Democratic Chair has submitted his State OCON, then that was no doubt both initiated and received right here in Maricopa County as well.

I am additionally attaching a letter sent by me and Terry Lakin - and co-signed by Ret. Colonel Lawrence Sellin (U.S. Army Special Forces), Ret.  Commander Charles Kerchner (U.S. Navy), and Radio Broadcaster/Citizen Journalist Gary Wilmott of Simi Valley, CA.  In that letter (specifically addressed to AZ Attorney General Tom Horne) - also sent to every Attorney General in the country (along with similar letters to every Secretary of State, State Democratic Party Chair, and member of the DNC, as well as the members of the Commission on Presidential Debates) - we point out that any official who allows "to be placed on the ballot any candidate, based on a certification that is known to be perjurious...may be judged to be [committing] misprision of perjury and [be guilty of] conspiracy to commit election fraud...."

We, the citizens of Maricopa County, ask that you, as the Chief Law Enforcement Agent of our county find whatever legal remedy may be available to you to prosecute those officials involved in the commission of the crimes (outlined herein) committed against the citizens of this county.  As we all know, Bill, the law is from start to finish subject to interpretation.  The State of Hawaii has clearly determined to interpret the law on behalf of Candidate Obama, and against the citizens of both HI and the nation who have sought for the most blatantly simple of all verifications - a mere birth certificate (not a demonstrably fraudulent digital representation thereof according to Sheriff Arpaio's criminal investigation, right here in our own county).  

In order to clear up this inordinately simple matter, we ask that you simply require that this original document be forensically examined, as proof that no fraud has been committed against us, the citizens of your county, on whose sole authority you act.  No honest person can suggest that requiring this is in any way unreasonable or burdensome.  It is also obvious that the only grounds for objecting to such a simple request are that it cannot be fulfilled.  If there is any other possible explanation, the citizens of both this county and the nation deserve to hear what that might be.  

Thank you, Bill.
Tom Ballantyne - Author and AZ/U.S. Citizen

P.S.  Bill, it is worth remembering that in an email from Jill Nagamine to Ken Bennett, dated May 1, 2012 (and I am in possession of the email via a request to Mr. Bennett's office for all communications between his office and the State of Hawaii), Ms. Nagamine asked:  "Are you requiring birth data verification of all entities on your list, rather than just targeting one name on your list?  (please provide evidence that you are doing so)"

I wondered why this requirement was subsequently dropped, but then it became glaringly obvious.  Had such a request been made of Candidate Romney, he would have provided a certified (hard) copy of his LFBC within 48 hours.  I wish that Mr. Bennett would have done just that. In the words of Candidate Obama, "The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide."

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