Thursday, September 20, 2012

Frank Marshall Davis, Jr.?
Jeff Lipkes

Is the link between Frank Marshall David and Barack Obama II stronger than we know? More

Will Ordinary Dems Ever Say 'Enough'?
Karin McQuillan

What will it take for normal, ordinary left-leaning Americans to hold Barack Obama responsible for...well, anything? More

A Tale of Two Secret Videos
Daren Jonescu

The media's extensive and exaggerated coverage of the "secret video" of Mitt Romney speaking to supporters about the culture of dependency ought to remind us of another "secret video" that was not so widely covered. More

The Fall of the House of Obama
Marvin Folkertsma

The tottering of his lofty reason. More

The 'Security Leak Administration' and the Deaths in Libya
Elise Cooper

How is the Obama administration's "leak and apologize" strategy working for Americans' safety, both at home and abroad? More

The Worldwide Consequences of Obama's Manufactured Crisis Strategy
James Simpson

A fundamental change in our government toward socialism will spell worldwide economic disaster from which we may never recover. More

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