Saturday, September 22, 2012


More Confusion About Obama’s Real Father

His father taught him to love jazz?
So claims an email dispatched this week from the Obama campaign soliciting a donation for a chance to have “Dinner with Barack,” with airfare “on us.”
But the claim is not credible, contends Joel Gilbert, whose documentary “Dreams from My Real Father” has just been released.
“How is this possible?” Gilbert asked.
“Obama’s official life story claims he was with Barack Obama, the Kenyan, only one time, in the early 1970s, and then briefly, for a week or 10 days,” he explained.
“How was that enough time to teach 9-year-old Obama to love jazz music? Besides, jazz is uniquely American. Besides, what evidence is there the Kenyan dug Coltrane?”
Nevertheless, on Monday Gilbert received an email solicitation from Julianna Smoot, deputy campaign manager of Obama for America.
The same announcement also was posted on the campaign website, encouraging voters to try to win a dinner with President Obama.

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