Tuesday, September 18, 2012

...if he is to have any chance to win the presidential election, Romney must show resolve and spine, something he has not done so far.


How Romney can prove he's a (principled) man

Exclusive: Larry Klayman has 5 issues Mitt could hit to establish his spine

Let’s be honest. Mitt Romney is a terrible Republican presidential candidate, not unlike John Kerry was for the Democrats in 2004. Not only is Romney a flip-flopper on issues, but he looks stiff, if not paralyzed, on the stump and, with his eyes constantly shifting, cannot express a clear vision on anything. That is why he is sinking faster than a rock, after a disjointed and incomprehensible establishment-run Republican convention in Tampa and a vicious, misleading but also effective Democratic one in Charlotte – orchestrated in large part by the likes of radical socialists, feminists, gays, lesbians, transgender freaks, illegal immigrants, Islamists, black Muslims, white trash and self-hating Jews. The former “criminal in chief,” Bill Clinton, whom Republicans let get off the mat during impeachment proceedings in the late 1990s, and his fellow minions carved Romney and his party up like the hapless gobbling turkeys they are, at the Democratic National Convention. We are seeing the results of this pre-Thanksgiving “slaughter” in the polls taken in swing states this week, where incumbent President Barack Hussein Obama is pulling away from Romney. To be blunt, if Romney does not fortify his vulnerable “turkey neck,” he is a goner.

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