Sunday, September 16, 2012


Let's try to follow this:
First, Obama was born in one hospital in Hawaii and then it was reported that it was another one.

Then he tells the world there are no birth certificates for him but later finds the certificate of live birth.

Later he posts the long form birth certificate on the web even though hospitals issue one or the other, not both.

While in college he claims to have been born in Kenya and now he claims Hawaii as his birth place.

When a youngster he used one Social Security number and now he uses another.

We were told that his mother married a goat herder from North Africa but now he tells us he was born to a single mom.

So as we recap, it begins to dawn on us just how very special this Usurper is.  He is the only person to ever have been born in two hospitals, the only born human to ever have two birth certificates, the only man to ever have been born in two different countries, the only non-imprisoned person to have two Social Security numbers and now the first being to have been born to both a married mother and a single mom.

Almost forgot.  He is also has Christian and Muslim faiths, he said so.

September 16, 2012 TPATH


  1. When are we going to impeach this Fraud????

  2. Yeah, he's a big phony, he lied to us all. How can anyone vote for him after that?

  3. He has two (or more) names: Barack Hussein Obama II and Barry Soetoro. His mother's passport renewal application indicated his last name was Soebarkah. Which name(s) did he use in college? Which one is his legal name?

    He apparently has 2 (or more) passports. It was said that he could not have traveled to Pakistan in 1981 with a US passport, so he must have used his British or Indonesian or Kenyan passport.

    According to Obama himself, he also has 2 lines of royalty. He is both an Indonesian prince and Kenyan royalty.

  4. He has 2 versions of his official bio. The original version which was published in 1991 stated that he was "born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii." That version was revised several times but the born in Kenya statement was still being used when Obama was elected to the US Senate. In 2007 when Obama decided to run for the president, he changed his bio to state that he was "born in Hawaii ... and raised in Indonesia, Hawaii, and Chicago."


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