Thursday, September 27, 2012

It’s Obama’s Turn To Release Some Documents
By Scott Paulson @ CBS-DC

Last Friday, GOP presidential challenger Mitt Romney disclosed his tax returns and health records. In particular, the release of the tax information was a pleasant surprise – released without pre-announcement or fanfare. Romney gave information that dates back to 1990 which ought to close Harry Reid’s mouth for a time – but, of course, no guarantee that he’ll finally sit and listen for very long. Now that the political “left” has seen what it has been screaming for – and now that the “left” has finally learned what they really knew all along, that Mitt Romney has done what is legally required of himself regarding interactions with Uncle Sam through the years – it would be absolutely wonderful if the “right” would get such a disclosed-documentary surprise from President Barack Obama.

While the “left” has distracted the campaign much too long by screaming about Romney’s tax information for months, the “right” has been asking for President Barack Obama’s academic records and other documents for years – dating back to the last presidential campaign in 2008. It would be terrific if the president would take his turn at surprising the masses by “disclosing” as his challenger has done.


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