Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lord Monckton: Obama Existential Threat To United States; You Have A Socialist President

Monckton: Obama crew 'existential threat' to U.S.
But warns GOP not in position to reverse socialism
Excerpt Via John Griffing @ WND

Editor’s Note: John Griffing recently interviewed Lord Monckton, who is sounding the alarm that unless the current warnings are heeded, the West is on the precipice of financial and political collapse.

Question: You have stated publicly that you believe President Obama is illegitimate to hold his current office. If true, many in America believe that a genuine public hearing would result in the nullification of his many popularly detested and damaging public policies. In your view, what are the implications of presidential illegitimacy in this particular case, and how might Americans approach this issue? Can any action be taken that has not already been taken to foil the criminal and fraudulent usurpation of our highest office? Finally, should Americans focus on election, or make legitimacy a continued centerpiece in the struggle against the agenda of the sitting president?

Lord Monckton: I do not know where Mr. Obama was born. Therefore, I do not know whether he is entitled to be your president. However, I do know beyond reasonable doubt that the document on the White House website that purports to be his birth certificate is a forgery. The implications, if the establishment in both parties gets its way, are nil. Mr. Obama will serve out one or two terms as president and, if the United States survives the financial wreckage he has caused, his embarrassing “presidency” will be consigned to a smudgy footnote in the history books. However, if someone were to write to those whose duty it is to act – notably Mr. Obama’s lawyer qua officer of the court; the head of the Secret Service qua defender of the presidency; the head of the FBI qua chief investigator of major domestic crimes – and were to draw their attention to my Peers’ Briefing Paper on the forgery, and were to demand an investigation, someone might at last actually try to investigate. My best guess, though, is that no one will lift a finger, everyone will go on looking the other way, and Mr. Obama will get away with it. Whether the United States will get away with Mr. Obama is another matter altogether.


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