Friday, February 20, 2015


Everything Obama has done from the beginning has been "Back Door-Deception".. From his Birth Certificate, to College transcripts, to "you have to pass the law before you know what's in the law"...He is a DECEIVER! period! End of story...For the leader of the Greatest nation on the face of the earth....That is very very dangerous...Hitler did the same thing before he launched WWII...The enemy of God of heaven is known and revealed in scriptures to be ; "The GREAT DECEIVER"...If We Americans cannot maintain and expect truth from our public officials...Tyranny and despotism is on the horizon.. The only thing keeping us from a Despot is Truth and Rule of law.. this President has NO respect for neither one!

Obama doesn't know what it means to 'love.' He doesn't know how to protect, care for, uphold, sacrifice or seek the highest good for this country. He doesn't know how to put the Constitution ahead of his own selfish needs to control and dominate. Love to him is whatever he wants, whenever he wants with no regards to any other standard than his own.

Obola can't be a patriot or do anything pro American as he is an import and an Islamist. He hates this country. I would have liked to hear the former Mayor dig in a bit deeper. However, I find this statement to be the greatest truth the former mayor has espoused in some time, just don't let them railroad you into apologizing to the Islamic Creation there Mayor.

It sounds like Giuliani struck a nerve with the left.
All the left does is lie and so they will always have a problem when the truth is told!

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