Friday, February 27, 2015


The entire lot in DC need to go... We can't just wait around for the right people to be elected anymore. Power corrupts. The founders specifically chained the government down so that those elected would not be so tempted by the power of the office. But since we don't really follow the constitution (only when it is convenient for progressives it seems) we are toast. There indeed has been a long chain of abuses, not just by this administration, but by everyone in DC for the past 50 years. They spy on us and get away with it. They work tirelessly to remove all weapons from us and if they can't they work to remove ammunition. They work tirelessly to control the healthcare industry that they have been slowly ruining since the 60's. Now they are working to censor speech on the Internet. And don't kid yourself that that is not their end goal. How much longer are the tax payers going to wait?

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