Friday, February 20, 2015

What do Team Obama and the Democrat Party intend, or what did they intend, with his Imperial Amnesty Order? Amnesty for current illegal aliens, i.e. what he says he wants? Perhaps. Entrance into the Welfare State and dependency for millions of human beings immediately and for the millions yet to come? Perhaps. Breathtaking influx of new dependents in love with the Democrat Party? Certainly. Millions of new legal residents receiving driver’s licenses and Social Security Numbers, i.e. documents usually sufficient for Voter Registration (of non-citizens)? Yes! Five million new Democrat Voters? Yes again!

Calling and Raising Immigration Exploitation
 By Dr. Brad Lyles Full Story
On the evening of February 16, Federal Judge Andrew Hanen did the unthinkable. He dared thwart Obama’s Imperial Executive Amnesty Order. Judge Hanen went all in. Not only did he enjoin Obama and his agents from operationalizing the Five Million New Democrat Voter Edict, he enjoined them from any and all attempts to slip through any potential vagaries in the Court’s language.

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