Saturday, February 28, 2015

Success for Obama, in his eyes, will be if history looks back on him as the guy that got the process of destroying the American System started; the President that finally turned the United States to face leftward politically, the Commander in Chief that destroyed America’s “Super Power Status,” and the resident of the White House that finally did away with the “racist” and “unfair” system created by the United States Constitution, and set America on the path toward full-blown socialism, government control over everything, and a utopia envisioned by people like Karl Marx.

Obama's true enemy is anyone who dares to oppose him

Obama’s True Enemy

By Douglas V. Gibbs  February 27, 2015
Republicans, and conservatives that file into Tea Party meetings and rallies, Constitution Classes, and Libertarian gatherings, say time and time again that they are so tired of having to battle the failures of President Barack Obama.  His failed policies are nearly more than they can digest.
He fails to understand economics, his failed Obamacare program is destroying health care in America, he fails to understand the underlying reasons behind why the government shutdowns occurred, he has failed in the Middle Class and he has failed to bring anybody out of poverty.  Failure after failure after failure after failure.  He even fails to stand against an enemy determined to destroy us, fails to connect jihadism to Islam, and has failed to properly apply America’s might against an enemy he is unwilling to admit.
I am here to tell you that President Barack Obama has failed at nothing.  From his point of view, he is a total success.  He is, however, as accused, failing to name the enemy, as so many folks on the right-of-center accuse him of when it comes to the worldwide battle we see emerging around the globe.  However, who we see to be the enemy, and who he views to be the enemy, are two different things.

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