Sunday, February 8, 2015

Rosa Garcia immigrated legally from Mexico in 1961
Rosa Garcia immigrated legally from Mexico in 1961

Protesters Rally in Downtown Oceanside

Oceanside CA— A small group of protesters rallied in downtown Oceanside Saturday morning calling for the impeachment of President Obama. The group gathered on the corners of Mission Avenue and Coast Highway around 10:00 am and stayed for about two hours.
“We want to make this a monthly event in Oceanside on the first Saturday of every month” said Roger Ogden, organizer of the Saturday rally. “We want people to join us, not just in Oceanside but in other cities too.”
Ogden said it was hard to get people organized for these type of events without money. “It’s difficult since they set up the non-profit system. They are set up by the IRS which is controlled by the President.” as he pointed out the IRS/ Lois Lerner scandal.
Roger said he is organizing the rallies because “I never thought he should have been President in the first place” continued Ogden ” There are more problems other than the President but Obama is the point man right now so that’s where we are focusing.”
Ogden was angry over the Presidents speech concerning the Jordanian pilot who was burned alive “The president relativized the ISIS burning of the pilot and condemned Christianity. He’s making his own laws through executive orders while trashing Congress and the Constitution.”
Dan Russell was holding a  sign that simply said “impeach”  on the north-west corner of the intersection. “I measure my success by the number of one finger salutes I receive” said Dan “and I’ve only received one this morning.”
Dan Russell has his photo taken with his "Impeach" sign
Dan Russell has his photo taken with his “Impeach” sign
“I want Congress to impeach Obama and secure the border.” Russell said he’s been involved in securing the border since 2005. “I’ve gone down to the border to help mend fences. Where fence posts were once 10 feet on center with sagging or no wire they are now 5 feet on center with tight wire.” continued Russell “I know it won’t stop people from coming through but it will slow them down enough for the Border Patrol to catch them or miss their ride with the human smugglers. Without a secure border, we just don’t have any idea who is coming here and what diseases they are bringing because no one is getting screened.”
Susan Giamanco said she wants the border secured and the President and Congress to follow the Constitution. Susan said she has been out of work as a chef for over two years. “I actually was told by one perspective employer that I couldn’t have the job because I was not fluent in Spanish.”
Rosa Garcia came to the US, legally, from Mexico in 1961
Sal Garcia was at the rally with his mother Rosa Garcia and they too were asking for the government to enforce the immigration laws. “My mother came here from Mexico, legally, in 1961 and followed the rules.” continued Sal “I’ve been out of work or under employed in construction for several years. Every time a job comes up, it gets filled with day laborers that work for close to nothing.”
Garcia said he doesn’t understand why the President is letting so many people into the country. “There is no employment for American citizens. We are just making it day to day and he keeps letting people in. There is just no money for unemployment.”
Roger Ogden said he would like people to join in the rallys as they continue each month. “It can be difficult getting large numbers out to protest because it just isn’t the type of thing conservatives do.”
The number of people attending the protest varied from 15 – 20 throughout the morning with a lot of car horns being sounded in support to go along with a few people shouting “I love Obama” and couple one finger salutes. One woman yelled from her car window “I love Obama and I love dessert.” as she drove through the intersection.

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