Sunday, February 22, 2015

Why have we put up with this criminal traitor for so long?...

Jihad Jigsaw: Who Is Putting The Puzzle Together?

Why have we put up with this criminal traitor for so long?

 Allan Erickson

When we consider vast escalations by Jihadists during the last six years, we should ask questions:

Who has been responsible for validating their accusations against the West?

Who has provided Jihadists with breathing room to operate by accommodating their demands and ceding territory?

Who has consistently denigrated America and Israel publicly, fanning the flames of Muslim rage?
Who actually funds Jihad in a variety of ways?

Who invited the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate the U.S. government and attempt installation of Sharia in Egypt?

Who handcuffs our military even as he says the enemy has “legitimate grievances”?

Who weaponized Al Qaeda in Syria?

Who turned Libya into a terrorist training camp?

Who allowed ISIS to flourish in Iraq?

Who let Americans die in Benghazi?

Who was responsible for Navy SEALs being slaughtered in Afghanistan?

Who releases murderers from Gitmo?

Who negotiates with terrorists?

Who conducted global apology tours while funding mosque renovations around the world.

Who has sung the praises of Islam all the while criticizing, even persecuting, the Christian West.

Who excuses Muslim atrocities and falsely accuses Christians of mayhem?

There is only one man who fits this description, a man who insists we follow him mindlessly to a destructive end, one clearly shown to be a master deceiver trafficking in lies and distractions.

The final, most important question remains: why have we put up with this criminal traitor for so long?

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