Saturday, February 21, 2015

Liberal Media SHOCKED To Find Out About Obama’s Communist Roots … UPDATE: THE COMMUNIST

Posted by Gateway Guest Blogger on Saturday, February 21, 2015, 8:28 AM

Lib media at NYDailyNews is shockedshocked I tell you—to find out that Obama has communist ties via Rudy Giuliani’s recent interview remarks (doubling down on Obama’s anti-American ideology).
The media might want to do some research before dismissing the anti-American actions surrounding the Obama Administration. Maybe start with releasing the LA Times Kalidi tape they are still hiding from the public. By Obama’s own actions he easily broadcasts his anti-American ideology—not only embedded in Communist roots, but also in Islamic roots. The list is endless, but some recent examples as follows:
Bolton explains the Marxist philosophy behind Obama’s ‘Jihadis need jobs’ belief
Obama, Black Liberation Theology and Karl Marx… Revisited
Allahu Akbar. Obama White House opens extremist summit with Muslim prayer (no other faiths)
Obama’s new anti-ISIS propaganda head tied to Muslim Brotherhood
Petulant Obama Administration rolls out “Unwelcome Mat” for Netanyahu
Obama admitting thousands of Syrian refugees to U.S. “Very dangerous and reckless”
Obama really… really loves ISLAM: Islam has been woven into fabric of our country since its founding
Mark Levin: Obama is Kalidi in the OVAL OFFICE!

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