Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Party Crashers - What To Do If The Left Shows at the Tea Party

There's been a lot of talk around the internet about the Left showing up at the tea parties. The story is that this time they won't be there to counter-protest, but instead to pretend to be with us. Then they will attempt to act in a way that will discredit us; with racist signs, rude or violent behavior, or other disruptive and discrediting actions.

We've found several articles you might want to read on the subject:

Michelle Malkin: http://michellemalkin.com/2010/04/12/crash-course-your-illustrated-guide-to-the-tea-party-saboteurs/
Pajamas Media: http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/expose-the-party-crashers/

Michigan Blogger: http://michigan-blogger.com/warning-tea-party-crashers-mean-business/

So what can you do to be prepared if it appears the event has been infiltrated by a Leftist?
#1 - Bring a Camera - Take pictures of anyone with an offensive sign, or video of behavior that is off. This can help with identification later and will let the person know we're paying attention.

#2 - Make a Counter-Sign - If several people made counter-signs with arrows pointing out to one side, saying "Not With Us" or "SEIU Thug" or "ACORN Plant" "Nut Job" and so on, those people can use them when they spot one of the oddballs. All that is required is for someone to follow the infiltrator around very closely while holding up the counter-sign, so that any media coverage of the plant has to include the picture of the sign disavowing them. Meanwhile another person can find an organizer and alert them to the situation.

#3 - Report Instigators to Organizers - If you notice someone that's combative or aggressive, instead of confronting them, let an organizer know. If the intention is to provoke a fight in front of a camera, our side doesn't have to give them one. Most events will have security in place to deal with these guys, and they will be well-prepared to handle it, but go to an organizer first if at all possible so they are also aware.

#4 - Vet the Reporters - If approached by unfamiliar media, first get all their contact information and which media outlet they claim to work for, then take a picture of them before they interview you.

Most of all, have fun, but be watchful. It takes every one of us to make an event go smoothly!

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