Friday, September 7, 2012

ForgeryGate:Larry Klayman’s Historic Letter To DNC Legal Counsel

Tom Ballantyne Jr. SC 1024x680 ForgeryGate:Larry Klayman’s Historic Letter to DNC Legal Counsel
By now,many of you will probably have read Bob Unruh’s excellent article published at WND on September 3,2012.   The article begins by reporting that “A former U.S. Justice Department attorney who founded the government watchdog Judicial Watch and later Freedom Watch has warned a key Barack Obama attorney that Democratic Party or state elections officials certifying Obama’s eligibility for the 2012 election could be charged with election fraud.”  As many of you know,the “key Barack Obama attorney,” Robert Bauer,of Perkins Coie,was the President’s chief legal counsel,working in the White House,until June 2,2011,exactly five weeks after the President “released” (posted an alleged digital image thereof on-line) his Long Form Birth Certificate.  He hasn’t “gone away,” however,as he continues to be the legal counsel to both the Obama Campaign and the DNC.

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