Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another Hawaii Source Claims Obama Supporters Placed Forged Birth Certificate in DOH Vault

Another source claims Obama forgery planted in Hawaii DOH
Report comes as Sheriff Joe's posse probes birth record released by White House
Jerome Corsi

Another Hawaii source with inside knowledge has asserted that Obama supporters placed a forged 1961 long-form birth certificate in the vault of the Hawaii Department of Health.

Talk-radio host and former Nixon White House operative G. Gordon Liddy told WND that one of his trusted informants in Hawaii reported to him that while the document was forged recently, there may have been tampering with official Obama birth records as far back as 1978.

Liddy's warning came in response to WND reports that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is mobilizing a law enforcement unit with the authority to investigate allegations that the Obama birth certificate released by the White House April 27 is a forgery. 

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Liddy's warning coincides with similar warnings WND received from another source who said in February that an Obama 1961 birth certificate had been forged and placed into the Hawaii Department of Health records.

That source now says that the White House, by releasing an electronic file of Obama's birth certificate, is laying a trap.

"The computer-generated PDF file was obviously not a scan of an original 1961 birth certificate, so predictably it created a brouhaha that the document was forged," the source said. "Now, all Obama has to do to get a jump in the polls is to release a true photocopy of the forged 'original' to humiliate and destroy the birthers."

This same source advised WND that the Achilles heel of such a strategy is that Kapiolani Medical Center has never produced independent corroborating evidence that Obama's mother, Ann Dunham Obama, was ever a patient in the hospital.

Nor have the medical records of the now-deceased attending physician named in the Obama birth certificate, Dr. David A. Sinclair, been found to corroborate that Dunham was one of his patients in 1961.

The source advised that the Hawaii DOH will not be able to establish a chain of evidence for the supposedly authentic Obama birth certificate that would withstand court scrutiny.

Hawaii DOH officials will be unable to give precise answers regarding which officials have access to the vault records and under what terms when copying birth records for citizens requesting records for dates surrounding Obama's birth, the source said.

Obots forge Obama birth records

Independently, radical Obama supporters known as Obama robots," or "Obots," have made repeated claims that Obama operatives have stolen 1961-era ink and 1961-era security paper in preparation for forging authentic-looking Obama birth records that could pass forensic inspection.

WND reported in June that a forged Obama birth certificate supposedly from Kenya, known as the "Bomford document," was promoted by Obots to California eligibility attorney Orly Taitz, who included it in a court filing.

In recent days, WND has discovered yet another document Obots forged in an attempt to "punk birthers" into believing the document was authentic. MORE HERE: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=347005

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  1. At THIS point in time, the Obots appear to be much more canny (smarter?) than the Birthers. THEY have been able to keep ALL the Birthers focused ON THE VARIOUS BIRTH CERTIFICATES, DERTRIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH and newspaper forgferies(?)

    ALL THAT keeps the attetion OFF the FUNDAMENTAL FACT -- the FACT that the man he claims as his daddy WAS A BRITISH CITIZEN at the time of his birth. It -- the Cert.of Live Birth, etc., ALSO keeps the discussion OFF the subject that he was adopted and gained INDONESIAN CITIZENSHIP -- which he most likely has until this day. That's why NO AMERICAN FLAGS on display in his news clips.


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