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Our Closet Kenyan

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•Originally published September 21, 2011 • 13 Comments Yes, it’s been a bit uneventful on txe Birther front since txe White House released txe representation, or as txe Hawaiian’s like to call it, txe “abstract” of obama’s birth record.
But lately it’s begun to heat up again.  For the second time in three weeks obama’s birth conundrum is on the front page of The Globe magazine.

And the Birther Summit folks were in Honolulu last week trying to make some headway, but didn’t manage to get terribly far.  They even took a huge “check” for $10,000 along as a visual enticement to any locals that may have any 1961 editions of the Honolulu Advertiser or the Honolulu Star Bulletin stashed away in the storage spaces of their homes.

  You see, they will pay a whopping $10,000 for an authentic, original Aug. 13, 1961 The Sunday Advertiser OR a Aug. 14, 1961 Honolulu Star Bulletin.  No one seems to be in possession of such originals though.
Sigh.  I suppose we shall have to continue to rely for secondary proof of obama’s birth on those microfilmed “birth announcements”, which have more anomalies than Chaz Bono.
Then of course there’s Sheriff Joe, who has been put in the spotlight for agreeing to allow a “special posse” of volunteers to investigate the alleged forgery of the most recently released obama birth documents.  He is handling it very vanilla, saying along the lines of:  
Hey, local people came to me with a concern.  I consider the concerns of the people in my jurisdiction to be important.  This is not a political stunt, but rather addressing the concerns of the citizens.  Taxpayer money won’t be spent in this investigation, and I won’t  personally be touching it, so go away now.
Well, ya do what ya can I guess.  At the very least he has shown the petitioners respect.  That’s far more than they have been afforded by nearly every other elected official.
We have Dr. Ron Polland (or whatever name he goes by) now stating that he has proven the Nordyke twins birth certificates, which have been on the internet for years now, to be FAAAAAAAAAKE!!!  And he is the only person who so suspected.  Really?  I’m betting a LOT of people have suspected that, but so far your proof has not convinced many. 
What I think is more pertinent, is that people had suspected the Nordyke twins birth announcements had been spliced out of the microfilms to be replaced with the obama birth announcements.  I think that would have been one coincidence too far really.   Think on it for a moment.  They were born the day after mumm, mumm, mumm barack hussein obama!  Mama Nordyke  shows up in an article clutching Gretchen and Susan’s period-correct COLBs.  Then some dolt behind the scenes is accidentally chopping up the microfilm to replace that same Nordyke birth announcement with obama’s.  Then months later they have to turn ’round and splice it back into the next chronological roll of film.  No, there were 26 births listed in exact descending order in the two papers one day apart.  To select the Nordyke announcements, when any of the other 25 would have worked just as well, is, in my opinion, too much of a coincidence.  Really.
And just to remind you all, those two dates when precious mummm, mummm, mummm was announced to the world as being born to a black man and white teenaged wife (who never shared a residence), were the only two dates where the announcements were printed in that order.  Exact desending order, and one day apart, AND appearing in both papers.  At least in the time frames that I researched.  Jan-Feb 1961, and July through September 1961.  That same pattern never occurred except for the dates that announced this obama child born to a father who listed his race as “African” on the birth form.  Another Chaz Bono moment.

Also not to be overlooked is that Pat Boone outed himself as a skeptic on obama’s birthplace.

Speaking to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Beverly Hills tea party member said he interacted with Kenyans a while back who claim Obama was born in Kenya.

“I was in Kenya a year and a half ago and everybody said, ‘You know, he was born here,”’ Boone told the northern California-based publication at a California GOP event last week.

Well, needless to say the comments are not kind to Mr. Boone.  It’s a shame really. 
When obama spends the bulk of his career allowing article after article to be printed about him being “Kenyan-born”, and Kenyan persons are telling Boone that obama was born in Kenya, one can’t be faulted for thinking that obama was born in Kenya. 
Really, he didn’t cease being born in Kenya until 2008,  prior he was Kenyan-born every where you looked.

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