Thursday, September 22, 2011

Found in the blogosphere...Writer comments about LA Times article Re: Beverly Hills Tea Party event last Sunday...

Beverly Hills Tea Party Report-- By Los Angeles Times

You were probably expecting a hatchet job, in LA Slimes fashion, but it really wasn't. It covered host Pat Boone, Andrew Bretbart, Sonja Schmidt (without actually mentioning her name), David Horowaitz, Victoria Jackson, without getting much into the content or mood at the event.

They couldn't resist taking a few shots, noting that the crowd "was mostly white and older," which it was, but having more than a little ethnic diversity, including among the speakers.

Curiously, they left out PJTV star Bill Whittle's stunning speech on American Exceptionalism (see blog by Don W). Also conspicuously missing was the stir made by attorney Dr. Orly Taitz, Gary Wilmott, Tony Dolz and Nicole, handing out damning information about Obama's eVerify fail, fraudulent Selective Service application, multiple stolen Social Security numbers, forged birth certificate, etc. (there is now proof for all of this). Politicians in attendance, such as Tom McClintock, who has sent out untrue letters on the subject to constituents and others --and Presidential candidate Thaddeus McCotter-- fled-- literally walked or ran away when confronted on this.

'Tea partyers' rally in Beverly Hills

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