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By: Dean C. Haskins, Executive Director
Posted: September 29, 2011
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The Country Must Be Granted an Annulment
If there is one thing we have wholly learned in the past three years, it is that "what should be" and "what is" are often so disparate that the former can appear to be nothing more than wishful thinking, which then becomes a daily assault on our sense of justice—and even our common sense. Common sense would certainly dictate that, at the beginning of this debacle, Congress would have done its constitutional duty to verify the eligibility of Barack Obama, but "what was" won out over what "should have been," and we continue to pay the vast price for the destructive complicity of our congresscowards.
You see, we continue to work under the auspices of "what should be," while "what is" seems to criminally trump our efforts, keeping a constitutionally subversive and corrupt status quo in the way of truth and justice prevailing. What began as a fatuous exercise in politically-correct delirium has given way to an all-out abrogation of the rule of law.

There are basically three schools of thought regarding the removal of the current illegal resident of our White House: removal through arrest, removal through impeachment, and removal through the election process. While each school maintains its particular points of belief, the beliefs of the first two schools have not been able to gain much traction beyond the "what should be" crowd. While the "what should be" group fully understands that Obama's acts of fraud and forgery are sufficient for his arrest or impeachment, those with the duty and the authority to act, stubbornly and wrongfully retain membership in the "what is" club, refusing to uphold their oaths of office to defend the Constitution.
The third school is the most constitutionally troubling, as those within it typically cast aside the legal concerns about Obama's ineligibility, and contend that there are many other more pressing issues for us to address, and that we should just concentrate on getting him voted out of office. What these milquetoasts apparently fail to understand is that there is no more important issue than the fact that our Constitution has been trampled upon, for if one clause of the Constitution is rendered of no effect, then the entire document is thus desecrated.
More important than the specific offenders in this multi-layered crime serving time for their transgressions (and yes, there should be prison time for those who helped propagate this calamity) is the vital matter of precedent. If we simply allow this fraudulent "presidency" to stand, it will provide the template for future constitutionally ineligible individuals to usurp the highest office in our land, as well as bolster the efforts of liberals who have been trying for years to remove this significant requirement from our Constitution altogether.
Because we are navigating previously uncharted territory as a nation, we must determine the legal principles that apply, and proceed based upon those; however, we must not fool ourselves into thinking this journey will be an easy one, as the miscreants in Congress will likely try to continue their complicit stonewalling. We must be indefatigable in our resolve to right this heinous wrong.
In a marriage that was the product of coercion or fraud, the rightful legal remedy is annulment. In such cases, the offended party is returned to the condition that existed before the fraudulent act was perpetrated, and thus, in the eyes of the law, it is viewed as never having happened in the first place. As fraud has been the entire basis of Barack Obama's illegal tenure in the White House, the offended party (America) is rightfully owed the equivalent of an annulment, which, legally, would put us back to the condition that existed before January 20, 2009.
Of course, there are many things that have occurred since that fateful day in 2009 that simply could not be undone, but, based upon the massive fraud of this "presidency," every piece of legislation, every executive order, and every appointment, that can be reversed, must be. Not one piece of this illegal administration can be allowed to stand, to the extent that each piece can be undone. Yes, we're talking about a nightmare maze of heretofore unknown proportions, but this is America, and we are governed by the rule of law—regardless of the consequences.
In light of this understanding, The Birther Summit has considered its necessary function, and has determined that it must prepare itself for a much broader role in addressing this national nightmare. Accordingly, a foundation was hired to establish a new 501(c)4 non-profit organization that will soon absorb The Birther Summit as but one of its initiatives.
The new entity, Vatteligibility, Inc., will promote public education and awareness of this constitutional issue, as well as serve as a fundraising organization to support other individuals and groups who will work to rectify this abatement of the law. From bringing the guilty parties to justice through the courts, to advocating and accomplishing the nullification of every illegal act performed by this administration, Vatteligibility, Inc. will work to help provide the necessary revenues these tasks will require. This will be a massive undertaking, and will certainly not be realized in a short period of time.
As a pronunciation aid, this name is a combining of the words "Vattel" and "Eligibility." Simply say "Vattel-igibility."
As the Board of Directors works with the hired foundation to complete all the necessary documentation, The Birther Summit will continue its daily operations until it is absorbed by, and becomes an initiative of Vatteligibility, Inc.; but we believe the entire process will be seamless and virtually unnoticeable.
Vatteligibility has established its first presence on the Internet with the website, with "Obama's Gotta Go" being the organization's first informational/fundraising campaign.
If you would like more information about the Birther Summit or Vatteligibility, Inc., please visit our websites often at or, or contact Dean Haskins at

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