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hen White House resident Barack Hussein gave his first stimulus speech in 2009 (it seems like an nightmarish eternity ago), his speech writers coined the term "shovel ready jobs" which he used very effectively. This time around, they coined the phrase "...pass it right away," which he dropped 18 times during his reelection campaign speech from the floor of the House of Representatives on Sept. 8 in an address to a Joint Session of Congress when he made reference to what had to be a shovel-ready piece of legislation: The American Jobs Act. Pass it now, Obama said—like it could happen by voice acclamation during the Joint Session—and he'd put everyone back to work the next day. Shovel ready jobs. Shovel ready lies. In reality, the only job Obama was trying to save that evening was his own. His misappropriated speech to a joint session of Congress was done solely to boost his sagging poll numbers.

Obama may not have fallen off the turnip truck long enough ago to have learned how to effectively manage a nation, but he didn't fall off that turnip truck yesterday. He knows that a political approval rating below 39% means Democrats are already secretly weighing their options of lining up to challenge him in 2012. Odds-makers still aren't calling it an even money bet that Hillary Clinton will make another stab at the job. They're waiting for Obama's poll numbers to drop a little bit more—in 2012. Clinton may be among the most hated women in America, but at least she's an American citizen with a birth certificate that was not photoshopped into existence. And, she was right about who should not be answering the national security red phone at 3 a.m.
If you recall, when it did ring just before 12:30 a.m. Pakistan local time on May 2, 2011 (around 4:15 p.m. EDT, May 1st in Washington, DC) when US Navy Seal Team Six called from the compound in Abbottabab for the okay to kill Osama bin Laden, it wasn't Barack Obama who sanctioned the kill order. He froze. The kill authorization was reportedly given by then CIA Director and now Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. Hillary was right. Obama is not the guy you want answering the red phone at 3 a.m. In fact, he's not the guy you want answering any phone in the White House at any time of the day or night.
When the absolutely inexperienced junior State Senator from Illinois became the horribly inexperienced junior US Senator from Illinois, Obama reportedly already had his eye on the White House (or rather, his new mentor and "handler," George Soros who had already taken more than a cursory interest in him, had his own eye on controlling the White House) even though Obama had absolutely no proof that he was born in the United States—forget the fact that he was not a natural born citizen—which is why, as a college student in 1981, he was still globe-trotting on an Indonesian passport. (NOTE: In June, 2009, snopes.com referenced an email in which the writer raised the passport issue, stating that since Pakistan was on a US State Dept. "no travel" list, he was traveling on either a British [Kenyan] or Indonesian passport.) First of all, the US has only banned travel to one country—Cuba. On the other hand, visa services to Belarus, Eritrea, Libya and Yemen have been suspended. Which means you can't get there from here.)
The State Department publishes a "travel advisory list," which Pakistan was on in 1981. An advisory is a warning to Americans that it is not safe to travel to that country. If Obama was traveling on either a Kenyan or Indonesian passport, it tended to lend credence to the fact that he was not an American citizen. Snopes branded the email as FALSE, negating the email by saying: "...During the summer of 1981, when he was 20 years old, Barack Obama...embarked on a three-week trip to Pakistan...However, the claim that [he] set out on the trip using a non-US passport is false. The US State Department did not include Pakistan on a "no travel" list barring Americans from traveling there in mid-1981, and evidence documents that Americans could, in fact, freely visit that country at that time...In short, if Barack Obama did visit Pakistan in the summer of 1981, he—like all other Americans—could have openly done so bearing a US passport." (Snopes, July 14, 2009) Barbara and David Mikkelson offered absolutely no proof that Obama traveled on a US passport. The only thing they established as false was the statement the writer made that Pakistan was on a "no travel" list in the summer of 1981. They offered no evidence whatsoever to support their view that Obama traveled to Pakistan—or anywhere else—on a US passport. It's a safe bet that he didn't start using a US Passport until he got into government and no "proof of residency" questions were asked of him by the State Department. After all, no one has ever questioned the fact that the Barack Obama, who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC uses a different Social Security number than former US Senator Barack Obama.)
Meanwhile, back at that circus we call Congress. Obama's joint session "jobs" speech on Sept. 8 seemed to imply, without providing any details, that his staff or the Democrats, authored what he repeatedly referred to as The Jobs Act. In reality the legislation which already exists, was authored by Republicans. Its enactment was being blocked by the Democrats, whom Obama implied was going to save America by providing millions of new jobs. (When Obama spoke, he failed to mention that he used exactly the same jobs rhetoric in January 2009 when the Democratic super majority in the US House and Senate passed his—not Bush 43's—$787 billion stimulus boondoggle that Obama said would grow 1.9 million new jobs, and that millions of existing jobs would be lost without it. Like every good community organizer (the only thing Obama has any real experience doing), Obama excels in frightening and intimidating. Since he has never grown a free enterprise system business nor managed anything within the free enterprise system, he utilized his community organizing skills and tactics to downsize what used to be the larger economy in the world because that's what socialists do best—they destroy incentive and they destroy the will to excel because socialism robs the sweat equity investment of working men and woman make in their society.
The economic system of the United States and the European industrial complex produced roughly 80% of the consumer products until 1994 when the Democratically-controlled Congress, working against America's labor unions enacted the North American Free Trade Agreement [NAFTA]. Senate Majority Leader George J. Mitchell [D-ME] led the fight to enact NAFTA. Mitchell could not get enough votes to ratify the North American Free Trade Agreement as a treaty, so they enacted it as a law. As such, it can be repealed although it is treated as a binding treaty. Mitchell declined to run for reelection in 1994, expecting the American people to exact revenge on the Democrats for NAFTA. They did.
Today, even with the net loss of 3.0 million jobs due to NAFTA, Mitchell insisted that NAFTA is good for America. In reality, it was the first nail in the coffin of the United States of America. Today, another globalist White House occupant is holding the hammer, and he has a pocketful of nails that he is already using to seal the coffin of what used to be America. His name is Barack Obama.
As I started to say before I interrupted myself, I wonder if Obama knew there was a piece of legislation in Congress—HR1744 (HR1745) and S.904—that would save what's left of the job base of America if Congress would just stop taking bribes from the lobbyists for the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business, and put the People before the State.
Of course he did. But he thought you didn't. The jobs bill that has been tied up in Congress since May is a real jobs bill. The jobs initiative created by Republicans in May has just been hijacked by Obama's bill just released by the Obama White House. The GOP's Jobs, Opportunity, Benefits and Services Act of 2011 which actually was designed to put Americans back to work, was introduced by Rep. David Camp [R-MI] on May 4, 2011. Camp's JOBS Act had three original cosponsors, none of whom were Democrats. First is Rick Berg [R-ND], and Geoff Davis [R-KY] and Steve Stivers [R-OH]. That bill has 138 cosponsors Two of them, Mike McIntyre [NC] and Dan Boren [OK] are Democrats. The Senate version of the Jobs, Opportunity, Benefits & Service Act of 2011 appears to be parked in a porcelain library somewhere in the Hart Senate Office Building close to either Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's office or the office of S.904's GOP sponsor, Sen. Orrin Hatch. There are no cosponsors on the Senate version.
Although Obama's jobs legislation is a "johnnie-come-lately" bill, the GOP jobs bill, will now appear to be the copycat jobs bill, was actually introduced on May 4, 2011. People will be asking why the Republicans, who have been talking "jobs talk" since Spring, couldn't come up with a plan until Obama offered his flagship piece of legislation to create jobs. "I am sending this Congress a plan that [they] should pass right away," he said. "It's called the American Jobs Act. There should be nothing controversial with this piece of legislation. Everything in here is the kind of proposal that's been supported by both Democrats and Republicans—including many who sit here tonight." In point of fact, we know that the Jobs, Opportunity, Benefits & Service Act of 2011 was supported by two Democratic cosigners and 135 Republicans in the House and Orrin Hatch in the Senate. Since the House has the votes to enact legislation without a single Democratic vote, the puzzling question is why, after four months, is that legislation still buried in the GOP-controlled House? Obama continued, "And, everything in this bill will be paid for. Everything."
As the battle to deceive the minds of the people for votes continues, here's the sad reality of this chapter of the story. Neither political party seems to understand the simple truth about real job growth in the United States. It isn't going to happen. It can't. At least, not the type of job growth America needs to regain its status as the most powerful economy in the world. Financial Times reported on Sept. 13 that job creation across the globe is slowing, and will slow even more sharply in the last three months of the year as companies worldwide scale back their hiring plans in response to the sputtering global economy.
In addition, the Financial Times reported this will be unwelcome news for politicians on both sides of the aisle who are struggling to bring stubborn high unemployment numbers down. A week ago, the Obama Labor Department acknowledged that the US economy created no new jobs in August. They noted that the jobless rate remained at 9.1%. Of course, when it comes to "bad numbers," politicians are prone to lie to the public even when they are honest among themselves.
The Exporting of American Jobs
The cabal of industrialists, bankers and businessmen at the pinnacle of the New World Order are behind the effort to create world government. They were also behind what was, in 1994, the beginning of a concerted effort to create a global mercantile system in the impoverished third world at the expense of the taxpayers in the industrial world.
The logic was simple. Consumers in the industrial world, who earn roughly 80% of the income produced globally, and who buy 80% of the consumer products made, represent 15% of the world's population. What made matters worse for the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business in the late 1980s and early 1990s is the industrialized nations were largely "replacement markets," which means the affluent consumers in the West pretty much possess one or more of every consumer product and thus, needed nothing..
On the other hand, the third world, where 85% of the world's population lives, have nothing and need everything—especially the jobs required to create the income to buy the products of the marquess of mercantilism have to sell. Which, of course, is the reason our jobs are being exported to the third world at such an astronomical rate. The people in the third world who are standing in line for them are the new consumers of the 21st century—and the globalists are already over one decade into the century.
Starting to understand the problem? There are few jobs here today because the factories and, in many cases, the entire industries which created those jobs, are gone. For the Jobs, Opportunity, Benefits & Service Act or Obama's late-bloomer American Jobs Act to actually generate jobs, there have to be employers available to hire them. Since those employers are no longer the behemoth manufacturing giants that "grew up with America," who have retained their US branded names while they trade their Americanism for globalism, those jobs which are available, or will become available if the GOP Jobs, Opportunity, Benefits & Service Act (not the Obama version) is enacted will have to come from a new generation of US entrepreneurs—you know them as "Obama's rich"—those earning $250,000 or more per year. They represent the American upper middle class small business employer whose S-corporation or non-incorporated sole proprietor family business take all of the financial risks and provides 60% of all the jobs in America.
Which brings us back to the community activist. (I keep referring to Obama as the community activist because there is no the only way to describe him. You can't call him anything else because he has no experience at anything else.) He is so oblivious about how to grow jobs in America that he didn't understand the need to fill the critical jobs creation slots in his administration with alumni of the free enterprise system who understand how to grow jobs. He chose, instead, to fill every job in his administration is watermelon Marxists—environmentally green out the outside, communist red on the inside. In the free enterprise system of our forefathers, capitalism could not be subjected to government control because entreprenurialship requires unencumbered individual initiative. People with the inherent right to develop their own ideas using their own resources, unrestricted by the State, create the products that will be used by the next generation. Here is an economic reality: On paper, communism sounds benign—everyone working equally hard for the betterment of the community, and all sharing equally in the results of that "community labor," with government enjoying the role of paymaster dividing the fruits of everyone's labor. . Since people are inherently selfish, they tend to work harder, and are far more committed to success when their sweat equity is invested in themselves, and they are allowed to profit directly from their efforts.
We have finally arrived at what a community organizer does. What he's good at. He excels at extorting money from those whose sweat equity investment in their own labor produces their economic and financial abundance. And, he excels at redistributing the wealth of the working middle class to the non-working class which lacks the initiative and self-determination to stay in school, get an education, and get a job.
The truth is, the American free enterprise system that existed prior to Franklin D. Roosevelt rewarded the entrepreneurial spirit. Beginning with FDR's socialist regulations and up to the redistribute policies of the current White House occupant. Through oppressive regulation, Roosevelt began compressing the free enterprise system into a centralized communal economic system that encouraged inefficient redundancies that resulted in mediocre productivity. In a communal work environment, once factory workers see that the laziest worker on the line earns as much as the most productive worker on the line, it doesn't take long before all of the workers are truly equal—with no worker expending more energy than what is needed to keep them from being fired. FDR's socialist regulations expanded Herbert Hoover's 1930-1932 recession into a decade-long depression. And, Obama is now using FDR's playbook.
America is, and always has been, a nation of immigrants who earned the equality they enjoy among their peers through the sweat equity of their labor as they strived collectively to build the greatest nation on Earth. This nation was not built by General Motors or General Electric, by Proctor & Gamble or Philip Morris; by Hewlett Packard or Heinz. It was built by the common folk who do the living and dying in nation-building. And, who are they? They are the descendants of the Boston Tea Party patriots and the farmers from places like Concord and Lexington. They are the descendants of the soldiers who froze at Valley Forge; and those who fought on both sides of the US Civil War in places like Antietam, Appomattox Courthouse, Athens, Atlanta, Gettysburg, Pea Ridge, Shiloh, or hundreds of other places where men died in wars they didn't understand and didn't want to fight.
Today, the princes of industry and barons of banking are stripping this nation bare of its factories like the underclass looters stripped the stores of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina—a city which lost its both its social conscience and its soul. What makes America great is not the industrialists nor the industries they created. It is the moral conscience of its citizens. They, not the monolithic titans of industry, made this country great. Sending not only our jobs but our factories to the third world will not, over the years, grow those businesses, because the moral incentive that exists in America is uniquely American because America is a unique place. That moral incentive does not exist in Indonesia or China, nor in Afghanistan or Pakistan. That's why the princes of industry continue to bribe politicians to heavily tax the small business American entrepreneurs they fear so much as they continue to seek regulate that competition out of existence.
Each of America's titans of business and industry all began as small entrepreneurs. They grew up in an industrial age that welcomed entrepreneurialship. Today, those at the pinnacle of the pyramid of power can no longer afford competition from the next generation of industrialists—even in a nation they deserted. The only thing the princes of industry and the barons of business need today from America is the patronage of its consumers. Until the third world becomes a thriving retail community with consumers buying the products their workers create, they still need you to buy the wares your former jobs are creating somewhere else—as more and more Americans find themselves out of work, But, with 46 million Americans now living below the poverty line, cheap slave labor goods from the third world is about all they can afford to buy. Welcome to Obama's redistribution of wealth.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total persons unemployed in the United States was 9.1% in August. When you throw in all of those who are "marginally employed" (having your hours—and income—cut in half, but still qualifying for some unemployment benefits), the number of unemployed persons rises to 16.1%. (Labor Dept. statistics do not track the unemployed people once their benefits expire.) In April, 2009, 5.8 million Americans were collecting benefits. That month, there were 13.8 million unemployed people in the United States seeking jobs. There are no statistics that track the number of people who, after two, three or more years of trying to find work, simply gave up.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of Aug. 31, 2011, there were 131.1 million employed people in the United States. Many of these are marginally employed people, and many of those counted may be holding down two or more part-time jobs, so the reality is the actual total employed is probably closer to 130 million than 131.1 million.
Without taking into account illegal aliens or those who live in the underground economy, and those who were not counted in the 2010 census, there are 308,745,538 legal people in the United States. That means, of the total population, 178,745,538 people were not working on Aug. 31, 2011.
Of the total population, 25% are 18 years of age or younger. Whether any of them had jobs or not, that leaves 102,559,153 adult people without jobs. Let's further assume that half of these are unemployed people who want a job (even if they are 65 years of age or older) and the other half are welfare recipients who wouldn't take a job if offered (or they are 65 years of age or older and too infirmed to work). What that nets down to is that, very likely, in the United States today there are probably about 51,279,576 people who want to work but literally gave up on the notion of ever finding a job. Again, some of these may be people who are too old, or people with handicaps, etc. But, even if you reduce that number in half, it's still a far cry from 13.8 million "officially" unemployed people.
Guiding the unemployment crisis with the stealth of a wind-up toy is the community organizer who is completely out of his element in this environment. There are "shovel-ready jobs" on almost every street of America. Obama can't see them because they are "free enterprise zone" jobs. Small businesses that only need government to stay out of the way, stop raising taxes, and stop writing punitive environmental regulations that bankrupt them, or drain their revenue stream enough that they can't afford to hire.
Today, it costs small businesses $10,500 for every employee they hire—not counting the cost of fringe benefits. Obama claims there is a provision in his "jobs" bill that will give that small business owner a tax credit of $4,000 for every employee they hire who has been out of work for at least 6 months. Want that business owner to hire? Waive that $10,500 and still give him the $4,000 tax credit. If Obama can give a campaign donor $135,295.00 for each green employee he hires, the government should be able to give the small business owner on Main Street a one-time credit of $14,500 each for every non-green employees he hires.
Because, as it is now, the only jobs the community organizer has created are either government jobs or those he bought through loans and grants. An Obama bundler received a $535 million stimulus loan to create a green energy company last year. That company, which filed bankruptcy in August, provided 1,100 temporary green jobs at a cost to the taxpayers of over $135,295.00 per job.
In the meantime, as Obama seeks green job opportunities in order to provide clean energy, his Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, is promising massive coal plant closures in an effort to force people to accept very expensive, very inefficient, green energy. Chu has launched the start of his new energy initiative after publicly stating that the Obama Administration would bankrupt the coal industry through the use of EPA regulations. The EPA began enforcing draconian regulations that triggered rolling blackouts from maxed out power plants in Texas. The Electric Relianility Council of Texas, the agency that oversees that State's power grids, confirmed that the rolling blackouts were the result of a "maxed-out power grid" due to the EPA's draconian regulations. Obama has now mothballed the construction of several new clean-buring coal-fired plants, and the EPA is now shutting down existing electric-generating plants. If you think Obama is a man who doesn't know what he is doing in this instance—think again. He is manufacturing an electrical energy crisis that can only be solved by green energy.
One benefactor of the green tax credit that Obama claims will save America received a $535 million stimulus loan to make solar panels. The company was California-based Solyndra LLC. It turns out, according to media reports, that a top 2008 Obama fund-raiser, Tulsa billionaire George Kaiser's family foundation was heavily invested in the startup company. On Sept. 1, as the media revealed that a Solyndra-investor was an Obama bundler, Kaiser issued a statement to the media in which he said he was not personally invested in Solyndra and did not participate in any discussions with the US government about a loan. House Republicans are not satisfied with Kaiser's denial of culpability and vowed to fully investigate the extent of White House involvement in the Solyndra loan. White House logs show that Solyndra officials made numerous trips to the White House. Between March 12, 2009 and April 14, 2011, Solyndra officials made no less than 20 trips to the West Wing. In the week before the $535 million loan guarantee came through, four separate visits were logged.
Political corruption is a byproduct of government. The more government, the more corruption. Most people don't know that the term "lobbyist" was coined by President Ulysses S. Grant who used it to describe the political grifters who spent their days in the lobbies of the Washington hotels around Congress, waiting for their turn to bribe Congressmen and Senators. The decision by Solyndra to close came just weeks after the company—and the Obama Administration—faced charges from conservative congressional critics that the Fremont, California company was being propped up with government subsidies and a low interest loan. The company, the critics said, could not survive without continued taxpayer handouts.
Last year, hawking green energy, Obama and Energy Secretary Steven Chu visited Solyndra, touting the company as an exemplar of an emerging green economy. Taxpayer dollars paid the salaries of Solyndra's 1,100 employees. On Wed., Aug. 31 Solyndra filed bankruptcy in Delaware and laid off its more than 900 employees, keeping a core group of 113. On Friday, Sept. 8 the FBI and investigators from the Energy Dept. Office of the Inspector General showed up at Solyndra's headquarters in Fremont, California with multiple search warrants. The Inspector General investigates suspected fraud. House Republicans, who were already investigating the loan to Solyndra, issued a statement calling for answers. Congressman Fred Upton [R-MI], Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee said "...it is imperative that American taxpayers are not paying the price for the sins of Solyndra."
Solyndra was not the only Obama-investment into green energy that failed. Two other solar panel companies who benefited from green energy loans from the federal group also went belly-up in August, 2011 were Evergreen Solar of Massachusetts and SpectraWatt of New York. BP Solar (a division of British Petroleum) closed its production facility in Frederick, Maryland last year. But they did not fail. They simply relocated—to China. Those bankruptcies and plant closing: Solyndra, Evergreen, SpectraWatt represent a loss of 20% of all the solar panel business in the United States. The technology of both Solyndra and Evergreen depended on using less polysilicon (the primary material used in solar panels), thereby reducing the cost of the panels to consumers and making them more competitive with solar panels from China. The problem is, as Solyndra courted the White House, selling Obama and Chu on their "competitive edge," no one was paying attention to the polysilicon market. Over the past four years, the price of polysilicon dropped 80%. On the day Solyndra received its green loan, it had no competitive advantage. The day they opened their doors they were already a company on its way out of business.
The taxpayers always pay for the sins of greedy, corrupt politicians who simply can't resist trading taxpayer dollars for campaign dollars, pretending that one is not connected to the other. This form of legalized bribery needs to not only be outlawed, but it must also be branded as a crime. During election campaigns, the mainstream media touts the big money collector as the most viable candidate. In 2008, the media reported that Obama had a war chest of close to one billion dollars. (It was actually $750 million.) What does that say about the candidate? Not only can you not trust him, you—as a taxpayer—can't afford him. For every million dollar a bundler donates, he or she expects a tenfold return. It's called tithing. You do it at church. Lobbyists tithe to their gods just as you tithe to our God. Only, their gods are politicians and the blessings they bequeath come with dollar signs. Obama, the community organizer who understands the quid pro quo as well as any tenured politician, is very proficient in bequeathing monetary blessings on those who tithe to him.
Barack Hussein Obama entered the 2008 presidential race in the hip pocket not only of financier George Soros, but the collective transnational bankers and industrialists who pulled their support from Sen. Hillary Clinton on the eve of the New Hampshire Primary—which she won. At the time, Hillary had $18 million in her war chest, and Obama had $13 million in his. In the first quarter of 2008, Obama raised $133,549,000.00. Hillary had to loan her campaign money to stay in the race. Obama raised $21.9 million in May, and $52 million in June. In June, Obama announced he would turn down matching funds (which limited the amount of money he could spend on campaign ads). In August, the Obama Campaign received donations totaling $66 million, and in September, it announced it had raised $150 million in small donations of $200 or less in September over the Internet.
You may remember some of them. It was then that Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck, Bart Simpson, O.J. Simpson, King Kong, Family Guy, Will B. Good, and even assorted, random letters of the alphabet that spell nothing, made thousands of donations to Obama in the summer of 2008, leading to his record $750 million in campaign contributions.
Many people turned a blind-eye to the donor fraud that was perpetuated by the Obama Campaign which misrepresented the donations and where they came from. Obviously Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck and Bart Simpson didn't donate to the Obama Campaign. The question is, who did—and in what amounts or amount, that would make the Obama Campaign feel the need to conceal it by making up thousands of donor names to conceal who the donor, or donors, were? By the way, one of the donors (above) was O.J. Simpson. You likely dismissed it with an arched eyebrow, thinking, Simpson's a black guy who would likely have donated $5 to Obama. The problem was the supporting documentation. "Simpson" listed his address as Los Angeles, and his employer as the "State of Nevada," and his occupation of "Convict." And, of course, "Simpson," like most of the others, used a prepaid gift credit card to make his donation.
The answer to the donor puzzle may come from somewhere else. Avi Lipkim is an American-born Israeli who served for several years in the Israeli Defense Forces and also served as an aide to the Assistant to the Israeli Prime Minister. Today, he is an author who writes books under the pseudonym of Victor Mordecai, and is very-much-in-demand guest speaker who has spoken at more than 500 churches and synagogues in many countries of the world. In addition, he has appeared on hundreds of TV programs worldwide. Lipkim's wife is Rachel, an Egyptian-born Jewess who immigrated to Israel in 1969. She has worked in Israel's radio industry in Arabic for the last 25 years monitoring Arab language broadcasts.
In a 2009 interview with Gary Stearman on Prophecy In The News, Lipkim said that his wife was picking up Arab broadcasts for years before the 2008 election, and the Saudis were saying, "We will have a Muslim in the White House in 2008." The video raised an interesting question that all of us have wondered about since seeing the YouTube video of Obama bowing to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (that was almost immediately pulled by YouTube). "If this is so," the video producer asks, " could it be that we have been set up by the Muslim world and perhaps the king of Saudi Arabia. Could this be why Obama bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia in 2009, to everyone's shock?" American presidents bow to no monarch. They are equals among equals. "Amazingly," the speaker continues, "Obama has bowed to other foreigners, but now we understand that it was possibly to cover his earlier faux pas." Lipkim, writing under the name of Victor Mordecai placed his accusation in print prior to the 2009 interview.
In another 2009 article, Lipkim wrote: "There is no doubt that Mubarack Hussein Obama..." (in Islam, Barack is a nickname for Mubarack) "...is the son of a proud member of a Sunni Muslim tribe in Kenya, the same tribe that massacred Kenyan Christians a few years ago..." in retaliation for Obama's cousin, Raila Amolo Odinga's, loss in the Kenyan presidential election in 2006. Intimidated, Odinga was appointed Prime Minister of Kenya. "There is no doubt," Lipkim continued, "that his white mother remarried a second husband, also a Sunni Muslim, who lived with Obama in Indonesia for a number of years Obama attended a madrassa..." (radical Islamic school) until just prior to his 12th birthday "...and prayed at a local mosque. According to Islamic faith, if a father is a Muslim, so is the son."
A previous Jon Christian Ryter article, OBAMINATION (http://www.jonchristianryter.com/2008/080907.html), details Obama's Muslim roots. The article includes a photo of a Muslim African-American deal maker, Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour (real name, Donald Warden)— an orthodox Muslim and an outspoken critic of Israel who was raising money in the Muslim community in the United States for Obama's Harvard education. Warden, or al-Mansour, approached a former New York borough president Percy Sutton (who was a New York mayoral candidate in 1977) to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Obama (whom he didn't know) to King Abdullah, which he reportedly did. al-Mansour was an American advisor to Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, a billionaire and nephew of King Abdullah. It was Prince Al-Waleed, you will recall, who handed then New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani a $10 million check in the aftermath of September 11, as he calmly suggested that US policy around the world caused the World Trade Center attacks. Giuliani, if you recall, refused the check. That said, the media in Europe reported that al-Mansour, acting as a bundler, kicked in what appears to be a donation of £1.8 million ($3.5 million) to the Obama campaign in April 2007. The consensus (without evidence) is that the funds came from Prince Al-Waleed. If the theory is true, then the Ari Lipkim video has credence and the community organizer is a Manchurian Candidate.
If that's true, then America is in deep trouble because neither Obama nor any of his Marxist cohorts in the White House have any private sector management experience. Nor do they have any public sector policy management experience. Most spent their lives registering people to vote who were not eligible to vote. It never dawned on the socialists who wrested control of the People's House away from the American People that their day of reckoning might show up before they left. Usually, the mistakes of most Administrations are visited upon the children or grandchildren of those who elected them. But when you are really inept, the fiddler begins to play before the last curtain call. Barack Hussein Obama is not FDR and George W. Bush is not Herbert Hoover. But there is one thing he has in common with FDR. He is very likely going to create a Depression out of another President's recession. Roosevelt's deficit spending and massive tax increases that were used to jumpstart the economy created the Great Depression. It is important to understand that when you drain billions upon billions of dollars from the private sector for the purpose of expanding the public sector, you kill wealth creation. The private sector is the only place where wealth is created since the government produces no goods or commodities.n
From February 1, 2009 on, the declining economy of the United States is solely Obama's fault, not Bush's if for no other reason than Obama was absolutely clueless what to do and, other than try to spin his way to prosperity while he blamed Bush, he did nothing to fix anything because neither he nor his advisers knew what to do.

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